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American art tours

Mike & Donna's verdict:

The USA harbours some amazing art treasures: Renaissance masterpieces, Impressionists and modern art housed in historic landmarks or striking contemporary buildings. These outstanding cultural tours range from the ground-breaking architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright to a superb string of leading East Coast galleries and the rich collections of sculpture and art set amid the Western landscapes of Texas.

Recommended tour operator: Martin Randall Travel

Martin Randall Travel says

We are the leading specialists in cultural holidays, organising around 300 tours for small groups and a unique series of all-inclusive music festivals each year in the UK and Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, India, China, Japan, the Americas and Australia.

A cultural tour in the USA, you ask? Read on and be inspired. This vast nation has a rich and living cultural heritage, best seen through the eyes of our expert guides on a cultural tour among a small group of like-minded people.

Choose from American art, architecture and music tours in Chicago, San Francisco, Texas, New York, Boston and Arizona and prepare to be as enlightened as you will be fascinated.

Discover more about the incredible architectural heritage of Frank Lloyd Wright and the ‘Chicago School’ in Chicago itself, and Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Illinois.

Washington DC and New England are home to world-class galleries, with a particular emphasis on Impressionists and the Post-Impressionists, housed in spectacular buildings which, in themselves, are worthy of a visit.

Journey through Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan on our Galleries of the Midwest tour – again, a truly spectacular experience, from Chicago’s Art Institute to the architecture of Finnish émigré Eliel Saarinen.

On our Art in Texas Tour you will enjoy collections ranging from Renaissance to contemporary, European and American art – the legacy of philanthropic Texan livestock and oil barons lives on in the world-class private and public collections of art and sculpture, all housed in exceptional buildings.

Music tours include The Ring in San Francisco, and opera, concerts and talks over the Christmas period in New York City.

Find out more about our cultural tours in the USA.

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