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Elusive, unpredictable and utterly unique – the Aurora Borealis illuminates the northern skies in winter with impromptu displays of vivid colours rolling across the sky. For the best chance of catching the show, head to Tromso in the north of Norway – surprisingly easy to reach from the UK, and a fascinating place to visit. Or let the team at Best Served Scandinavia tailor a trip to Sweden, Finland, Greenland or Iceland.

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From September through to April, the skies over Scandinavia and the Nordics are illuminated by one of the world’s greatest natural phenomena – the Northern Lights. With great swirls of colour, splashed in ever-changing patterns across inky-black Arctic skies, they are as romantic as they are jaw-dropping and inspiring

Officially called the aurora borealis – derived from the name for the Roman goddess of the dawn – they are a result of changes in the Earth’s atmosphere brought on by solar winds and they can be seen in a wide range of places in the Northern hemisphere.

Our expert team has created a wide range of breaks and adventures to suit all budgets and interests.

In Norway, a trip to Tromso will take you right to the heart of the fabled aurora zone, offering all the fun of a city break paired with Northern Lights hunts, snowmobiling and husky sledding in the surrounding wilderness.

If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, pair your stay in Tromso with a night or two at Malangen Resort, a three-hour drive away on the shores of a spectacular fjord.

Elsewhere in Norway, you can chase the lights on a coastal cruise, pausing at the Lofoten Islands en route to Kirkenes and its eponymous snow hotel. Or go wild with a Svalbard adventure, seeking out the aurora just 650 miles south of the North Pole. At the height of winter, the sun never makes it above the horizon, so you can witness the Northern Lights even in the middle of the day.

Sweden captivates with stays in a range of unique accommodation, from the spa delights of the new Arctic Bath to such Scandinavian classics as Treehotel and ICEHOTEL. Or you can hunker down in delightfully cosy log-cabin lodges, some on the shores of vast archipelagos, others hidden away in snow-dappled forests.

Options in Finland include adult-only havens such as Beana Laponia and Wilderness Hotel Nangu, combining peace and relaxation with spectacular snowy fun. And, of course, Finnish innovation is never far away, not least in the country’s signature glass igloos, which take private Northern Lights viewing to new heights.

Our experts can also create Northern Lights holidays in Iceland, Greenland, or even across the Atlantic in Canada’s Arctic wilds.

Explore our full range of Northern Lights holidays and short breaks.

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