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Never quite got over your Sex and the City addiction? Still glued to box sets of Boston Legal? Then book an On Location tour and get the insider skinny on bars, cafes, parks and diners in New York or Boston that have featured in both series, along with movies such as When Harry Met Sally, Spiderman and The Town.

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If you’re taking a break in New York City or Boston, join one of our unique sightseeing tours for the inside track on your favourite US TV shows and movies.

All our tours are led by local actors who will share their first hand industry knowledge – and maybe a little gossip!

In New York City, the tour of New York TV & Movie Sites showcases more than 40 locations including sites from Friends, Seinfeld, Enchanted, Spider-Man, I Am Legend, Men in Black and The Devil Wears Prada.

Sex and the City Hotspots includes locations from the hit TV show and both movies. Follow in the footsteps of Carrie and friends to see where they shop, drink and dine including the site of Big and Carrie’s rehearsal dinner and the bar owned by Aidan and Steve.

Other New York bus tours include The Sopranos Sites in New Jersey, Gossip Girl Sites and, most recently, the TCM Classic Film Tour – it includes classic locations from King Kong, Manhattan, You’ve Got Mail, The Seven Year Itch, Superman and Ghostbusters for example.

Central Park TV & Movie Sites is a walking tour within New York’s iconic Central Park. Visit the boathouse from When Harry Met Sally, the bandstand from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the fountain seen in Enchanted and the ice rink used in Serendipity.

One of our latest tours visits the locations used by Gossip Girl.

In Boston, we offer the Boston TV & Movie Sites bus tour, taking in locations from Good Will Hunting, Cheers, Boston Legal, The Departed and The Town. Alternatively, explore on foot on the Boston Movie Mile walking tour.

Each tour includes step-off locations for a bite to eat and photo opportunities. Theme songs and video clips from the TV shows and movies seen on the tour are part of the overall experience.

Bookings should be made in advance – visit On Location Tours.

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