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Here at 101 Holidays we love to read about travel, but sometimes even we are overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of information and opinion on the web. There are literally hundreds of thousands of travel blogs, many of them self-indulgent and badly written.

So we decided to sort the wheat from the chaff and select our 25 favourites. These are the blogs that we feel convey the sheer joy and wide-eyed wonder of travel. Their writers bring the world to life with passion, enthusiasm, insight – and a keen sense of humour.

This was not a beauty contest for the best website design. We deliberately steered away from the well-funded corporate blogs to celebrate the work of dedicated individuals.

So here we present – in no particular order – our 25 Favourite Travel Blogs. Please remember this is our personal choice – if you don’t agree with our picks or have your own suggestions, please leave a comment below.

1. 501 Places

 What it is: Writer Andy Jarosz shares his extensive travel knowledge and insight.

Why we like it: In between writing for numerous travel organisations, Andy Jarosz finds time to share his wealth of knowledge and experience of 95 countries on 501 Places. His posts range from the witty – A beginners guide to people watching – to the remote and far-flung, discovering lesser known regions of popular countries. Check out his recent Spanish posts. His eye for a good photograph also makes his adventures shine.

Read the blog: 501 Places. Follow Andy on Twitter.

2. Gran Turismo

 What it is: Husband and wife Lara Dunston and Terence Carter on a perpetual world tour.

Why we like it: Lara and Terence might be the ultimate globe-trotting couple, having set foot on a year’s trip in 2006, and still travelling 5 years on. This is their Contemporary Grand Tour of the World, setting out in 2010 to slow their pace of life and live like locals for a year. Swapping hotels for 36 holiday rentals, they travelled sustainably, lapped up local skills and knowledge, enriching their experiences with an authenticity that is passed on to readers with passion and dedication. Each post features beautiful photography, first-hand experience and need-to-know facts.

Read the blog: Gran Turismo. Follow Lara and Terence on Twitter.

3. Quite Alone

 What it is: Matthew Teller’s personal blog documenting all things Middle Eastern.

Why we like it: As a writer specialising in the Middle East, Matthew Teller has a library of fascinating stories to share. His posts on Quite Alone are sharp, well-written and particularly poignant given recent events in the Middle East. We love the fly-on-the-wall style and the informative yet quirky nature of his blog and his knowledge and passion for the region.

Read the blog: Quite Alone. Follow Matthew on Twitter.

4.Heather on her Travels

 What it is: Far-reaching stories and inspiring tales from Heather Cowper’s years of travel.

Why we like it: We admire Heather’s blog for her unrelenting vision. Her blog is packed with multiple posts from every destination she visits, each taking a new perspective on a city, region or country. We like being able to browse by each year of Heather’s travels, allowing us to follow her ramblings chronologically and giving order to her jetsetting ways. Her My Blogging Journey section is particularly valuable – if you’re getting inspired to start your own blog, this is where you should be heading.

Read the blog: Heather on her Travels. Follow Heather on Twitter.

5. The Quirky Traveller

 What it is: A hunt for anything off the travel straight and narrow with Zoë Dawes

Why we like it: Zoë travels on the hunt for the unusual, discovering strange cultures, odd delicacies and local characters along her way shared from her base in Cumbria. We love the individual stories of each of Zoë’s posts, and the personal touch that gives each a comforting hint of nostalgia that either lets you share in her trips, or gives you the push to get out there for yourself.

Read the blog: The Quirky Traveller. Follow Zoë on Twitter.

6. 40 Before 30

What it is: A personal mission by young writer and “travel obsessive” Jayne Gorman

Why we like it: Jayne Gorman has set herself the challenge of travelling to 40 countries before her 30th birthday – and blogging about them all. We love her ambition and her one-woman mission to share her passion for the countries she’s visited, always with an honest undertone with which anyone can identify. Check out her first impressions of India and her story of sprinting for the last ticket for a Catamaran in Croatia.

Read the blog: 40 before 30. Follow Jayne on Twitter.

7. The Aussie Nomad

 What it is: Australian native and travel mad Chris Richardson sharing his travel know-how

Why we like it: The no-frills, plain and simple design of Chris Richardson’s blog lets his travel experience shine through. We are particularly drawn to the logic of his Travel Tips section, offering accurate budget advice for a range of European cities, from Paris to Krakow, Riga to Amsterdam with tables and charts that are drawn together under the title of How Much Does it Cost to Backpack Europe – brilliant planning tool for trips on a budget, far and wide. The Vegemite Challenge section is a quirkily charming reminder of Chris’ Australian heritage that gives his blog its individuality.

Read the blog: The Aussie Nomad. Follow Chris on Twitter.

8. Inside Japan

 What is it: A great (commercial) travel blog from the team at InsideJapan Tours

Why we like it: The InsideJapan Blog is maintained by staff at the tour operator, InsideJapan Tours, and their obsession with the country is unmistakable. We love the unique blend of Japan-related content, from a piece on a 1962 Fodor Guide to Japan and Dragon Boat Racing in Colorado, to uncovering Japan’s unusual passions – who knew that the Japanese were avid cricket fans? Such is the personal and expert nature of this blog that it shows few signs of its commercial background.

Read the blog: InsideJapan Tours. Follow InsideJapan on Twitter.

9. 48 Hour Adventure

 What is it: 48 hour itineraries and advice from weekend traveller Justin Morris

Why we like it: Away from the 9-5, Justin is a weekend traveller. We love his ’48 hours in…’ concept, packed with suggestions and itineraries for getting the most out of short city breaks, and inspiring readers of just how far from home you can find yourself in two days. We particularly love his 48 hours in Dubai with its alternative itinerary away from the bars and beaches.

Read the blog: 48 Hour Adventure. Follow Justin on Twitter.

10. Velvet Escape

 What it is: Keith Jenkins encouraging his readers to ‘Go Explore’

Why we like it: From crossing the Andes from Argentina to Chile, to trekking with Berbers in Morocco, Keith Jenkins has seen a fair amount of the world, with a plush and rich edge, as the name of his blog suggests. While Keith’s world map taking you straight to the country in which you are interested is brilliant, we suggest you come here for well-researched itinerary suggestions, and great food articles.

Read the blog: Velvet Escape. Follow Keith on Twitter.

11. Johnny Vagabond

 What it is: One long budget worldwide adventure with Wes Nations living with the locals.

Why we like it: We love that Wes makes like a local on his travels, living low to the ground. His manner of documenting his experiences through beautiful photo essays and well-told narratives make this a collection of charming short stories of which we can easily dip in and out. We admire Wes’ unrivalled humorous twist to every tale, and his incessantly positive outlook.

Read the blog: Johnny Vagabond. Follow Wes on Twitter.

12. Everything Everywhere

 What it is: Gary Arndt racks up his country count and shares 4 years of travel tales

Why we like it: As the name suggests, Everything Everywhere is one of the most comprehensive travel blogs out there. Gary’s photography always gives us a glimpse of far flung and remote destinations, while his This week in Travel broadcasts keep readers up-to-date with travel happenings. Gary didn’t catch sight of the sea until the age of 21 yet since 2007 he has stamps from more than 100 countries in his passport and has visited 152 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Read the blog: Everything Everywhere. Follow Gary on Twitter.

13. As We Travel

What it is: Nathan Schacherer and Sofia von Porat share their adventures on a budget

Why we like it: As We Travel is a treasure trove of eye-catching photos, thoughtful videos and insightful destination guides. The home page is full of attention-grabbing content that makes it much more than a simple blog. Search for any destination or question and relevant content will pop up. If nothing’s been written, email their ‘Round the World’ support crew with your questions for a reply within 24 hours. Their latest Europe Train Challenge (30 countries in 90 days, recorded by video) is worth a look.

Read the blog: As We Travel. Follow Nathan and Sofia on Twitter.

14. Art of Backpacking

 What it is: Everything to do with cutting travel costs by Michael Tieso

Why we like it: Art of Backpacking has been inspiring travellers to pick up their rucksacks and head for foreign climbs since 2008. We love it for the variety of posts and advice, easily accessible from the menu and the Asian-themed foodie posts. Nobody should set off for the Far East without reading 10 foods you must eat in China – while the techie features are well worth checking out for anyone planning a round the world jaunt.

Read the blog: Art of Backpacking. Follow Michael on Twitter.

15.Uncornered Market

 What it is: ‘Full-time travellers’ Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott document life on the road

Why we like it: Husband and wife team Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott have been on the road for 1,717 days, and are now 65 countries on from packing in corporate life, so describing themselves as full time travellers is almost an understatement. We especially love their videography, each post carefully edited to showcase their experiences – especially in Asia – with all the colour and noise of the real thing.

Read the blog: Uncornered Market. Follow Daniel and Audrey on Twitter.

16. Isabelle’s Travel Guide

 What it is: Isabelle Kenis on a mission to encourage her readers to discover the world

Why we like it: Isabelle’s Travel blog hits the spot with a balance between destination advice and informative travel tips – from passport and visa queries to pointers for learning some local lingo before you leave. Isabelle’s travel experiences are browse-able by country and city and we love her Top 5 section for a quick travel fix that gets us thinking about our next trip.

Read the blog: Isabelle’s Travel Guide. Follow Isabelle on Twitter.

17.Pause the Moment

 What it is: Ryan Gargiulo shows you how to travel everywhere and anywhere on a budget

Why we like it: We like Pause the Moment’s blend of an around the world theme with budget travel resource. The site is packed with to-the-point reviews and valuable destination advice, as well as his and hers packing lists, from genuine travel experience. We love the scope of Ryan’s blog – check out How to Save Enough Money to Travel the World. How to Avoid Being Scammed in Hanoi, for example, is well worth a peek before any trip to Vietnam.

Read the blog: Pause the Moment. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

18. The Traveling Philosopher

 What it is: Spencer Spellman blogs about his ambitious travel plans

Why we like it: The combination of travel and philosophy in Spencer Spellman’s blog gives an unusual take on his world adventures. His myth-busting advice is always a winner, and some great photography, in conjunction with a strong site design, keeps us clicking. Our favourite section, though, is The List, currently totalling 56 travel wishes – and we’re pretty sure he’ll get through the lot.

Read the blog: The Traveling Philosopher. Follow Spencer on Twitter.

19. Inside the Travel Lab

 What it is: Adventure and cultural experiences from freelance journalist Abigail King

Why we like it: Abigail swapped her career as a hospital doctor for a life on the road, writing as she goes. We love her unusual way of cataloguing her work, and can’t help but click where we see Make Me Smile, Make Me Think and Inspire Me, always with a strong visual element that showcases her flair for photography. The balance of adventure, culture and food is irresistible.

Read the blog: Inside the Travel Lab. Follow Abigail on Twitter.

20. Family Rambling

 A family-focussed travel blog by mum of two Jody Halstead

Why we like it: For anyone travelling with a family, Family Rambling is an unbeatable resource. The blog is filled with tips for parents and innovative ways of keeping kids entertained (as well as the odd romantic retreat for rewarding all your hard work). Follow Jody and her family from fairs, to museums and theme parks and back again, all characterised by her bubbly American outlook and some great video content.

Read the blog: Family Rambling. Follow Jody on Twitter.

21. Sophie On Track

 What it is: Sophie Collard shares her passion for trains and rail travel

Why we like it: Train travel is often taken for granted, especially in the UK, which is why we love Sophie On Track and her passion for all things rail-related. Sophie’s best posts are her Things you could be doing this weekend blogs, providing a wealth of last minute travel ideas, often with a cultural twist, closer to home than you might expect.

Read the blog: Sophie on Track. Follow Sophie on Twitter.

22. Roaming Tales

 What it is: Caitlin Fitzsimmons combines her passion for travel and food in one place

Why we like it: Roaming Tales combines the two passions in Caitlin’s life – travel and food. Her posts are wide-ranging, covering everything from sand dunes in Death Valley to Syrian democracy and recipes for authentic Italian pasta. We like Roaming Tales for its boundless enthusiasm and the personalised touch that allows Caitlin to share the progress of her twin babies at the same time as her travel know-how.

Read the blog: Roaming Tales. Follow Caitlin on Twitter

23. Wild Junket

 What it is: Tales from big trips courtesy of adventurer Nellie Huang

Why we like it: The rolling panoramic photos on the home page of Nellie’s Wild Junket blog make it almost impossible not to keep clicking. Nellie’s stories have a strong adventure focus, and off-road feel – think road trip itineraries, chasing polar bears in the Arctic and her 8 top global adventure spots. We love her ambition and fearlessness which never fails to come across in her writing.

Read the blog: Wild Junket. Follow Nellie on Twitter.

24. Europe a la carte

 What it is: One of the original travel blogs from full-time blogger Karen Bryan

Why we like it: Karen was one of the first trendsetters in the travel blogging world, and her Europe a la Carte site is still going strong, 9 years after its launch. As such, we love the wealth of information and advice that is archived on the site, and the ability to search quickly by destination on the left hand side of her page. We can find what we’re after within seconds of clicking on to her site. We love Karen’s destination podcasts and her dedicated Museums in Europe section is always a feast of cultural gems.

Read the blog: Europe a la Carte. Follow Karen on Twitter.

25. Bacon is Magic

 What it is: the story of Ayngelina finding her feet in Latin America

Why we like it: With the tag line ‘living life with a different set of rules’, we love the thoroughness of Ayngelina’s Bacon is Magic blog, from her diverse Pre-trip Planning posts and the range of her Latin American adventures following her all the way down to Peru over the course of 365 days. Ayngelina’s site has a bravery about it and her stories have value for anyone heading to the America’s – check out Getting robbed in San Juan del Sur for a quick reality check before you leave.

Read the blog: Bacon is Magic. Follow Ayngelina on Twitter.

* Research by Polly Crossman

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  1. Mark Hodson says:

    Hi Olivia

    Thanks for your comment. We are big fans of David Whitley’s Grumpy Traveller but it didn’t fit our criteria. We were looking for blogs that “convey the sheer joy and wide-eyed wonder of travel”.

    Grumpy Traveller is more of an insight into the “real world” of travel writing, as is Jeremy Head’s most excellent Travel Blather ( Both are must-reads.

    For the same reason we didn’t include Darren Cronian’s excellent Travel Rants ( We could go on…


  2. Excellent list of folks — really great group of not only good travel bloggers, but great people. Well done.

  3. Zoe Dawes says:

    Quirkilicious thanks for including TQT in your list – and in such illustrious company. I’m passionate about sharing a love of looking at life from a slightly different angle and it hopefully takes my readers on some interesting adventures… Gratitude Mark & David!

  4. Why, thank you for including Grantourismo. Much appreciated. Our first yearlong trip may have ended, but we’re still on that quest, and about to embark on some exciting new (and shorter!) projects! Thanks again!

  5. Wow, great to see the InsideJapan Blog in amongst these amazing travel blogs. Illustrious company indeed! I’m currently sat at Charles de Gaulle waiting for my plane to Osaka for another trip out to Japan. This time I’ll be heading up to the areas worst affected by the tsunami in order to get the low down on some volunteer programmes. I’ll be blogging about that in a few days time. Look out for it – it’s going to be a sobering experience but I am sure I will also find a lot of hope and the incredible Japanese spirit of survival and togetherness as well. In the meantime, I’m going to get on with reading some of these blogs. Nice work 101 Holidays!

  6. Wftristan says:

    Congratulations to everybody on this list, i know how much hard work goes into a Travel Blog
    We are just a little envious but intend to join you all Next Time


  7. Jody says:

    Thank you for including Family Rambling in this list! I’m honored to be listed with some of my favorites!

  8. Savannah says:

    This is a great list – really looking forward to reading these blogs!

    Cheers :)

  9. Thanks for including Europe a la Carte in your list.

  10. Jayne says:

    Thank you so much for putting me on a list with such great company! Fab, well researched piece guys – really enjoyed reading all the posts you highlighted. Thanks again :)

  11. Good solid list. I particularly like seeing Velvet Escape, which I think does not get the attention it deseves.

  12. Absolutely stoked and honoured to be included guys! A very comprehensive, helpful and entertaining list.

  13. Well I’m late to the party to convey my many thanks for being included in such a fine list of travel blogs. You sum up the reason both myself and many many more started their blogs, to share the adventure with everyone.

    Through fun, helpful and sometimes downright hilarious stories you won’t go wrong with the folk on this list. Many of them I call good friends and others I’m just waiting to share a beer with.

  14. To echo what others have said, a solid and well researched list. Some of these blogs I’ve been following for a long time! Thanks for including me!

  15. Claire says:

    I love Zoe’s blog! Lovely to see it here. There are some great sites on your list, and a brilliant inspiration for me. I’m writing a mini blog about my holiday in Cornwall – I wish I could travel and write enough to inspire people like the blogs on your list :-)

  16. Audrey says:

    Thanks also for including our blog into this great list. Feel honored to be with such a great group of bloggers. And, very glad that you enjoy our videos!

  17. Maria says:

    Great collection! All my favorites and a few I’d not heard of to spice things up for me this week. Thanks

  18. Ayngelina says:

    Thanks so much for including me with this group of stellar bloggers. There are a few I hadn’t read but are now on my Google Reader.

  19. Nicole says:

    Awesome list of bloggers! Congrats everyone.

  20. Awesome awesome list. I just added a bunch of new sites to my rss and twitter feeds! Adios productivity for the past 2 hours :)

    I also would like to suggest my own site, Adventures of a GoodMan, for your next list. Why? Because the sheer joy and wide-eyed wonder of travel is exactly what I try to get across in every single post. The blog exists purely to share my love of travel with the world.

    Thanks so much and have a wonderful day!

  21. Robert Lomax says:

    An outstanding list for any travel neophyte or armchair wanderer who’s wanting to see the world or decide where to throw the pin next. I’m a regular subscriber to Aussie Nomad, Quirky Traveller and Velvet Escape myself. Really know their stuff. Though I’m a little surprised you didn’t include Mute Planet ( and WhereisJenny ( in your list. These are the up-n-comers, with real poetry in their veins. Next year, guys!
    Cheers, n keep up the great work!

  22. Abi says:

    Well, I’m even later to the party to say thank you – but thank you nonetheless! Chuffed to see my site keeping such good company ;-)

  23. Amy Rose says:

    There’s a good list here. Some of them are not so much about good reads though, some are about travel articles, and commercial ventures!. Which I find really boring to read.

    Great insightful reads I enjoy are: – simply amazing! – such a nice style of writing – quirky and fun to read!


  24. Mark Hodson says:


    thanks very much for all your tips. We will be revisiting the subject and will take a look at your suggestions.


  25. Andrea says:

    Outstanding list! Congrats to all the excellent writers and photographers here =)

  26. Great list I found a few I did not know about and rediscovered a couple I haven’t visited in a while.

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