10 weirdest photos from North Korea’s new official tourism website

By Mark Hodson, Editor of 101 Holidays

North Korea is perhaps the last place in the world you’d want to go on holiday. The regime is repressive and secretive, and millions of its people are said to be starving. The few tourists that have made it over the border have been accompanied by minders 24 hours a day – though currently no tourists are allowed to enter the country because of fears of Ebola.

Yet the government of North Korea has just revealed a new tourism website which is intended to “educate” the rest of the world about the glories that lie beyond its closed borders. Smiling children in photoshopped images give an impression of happiness and stability. Yet something is wrong: the pictures just look so weird.

1. The world’s saddest children’s playground. A tiny slide and fake grass



2. A beach with a volleyball court. But no sand



3. A building. North Korea has … buildings!



4. Happy smiling children. They clearly haven’t seen the playground yet



5. A typical North Korean road. Oh yes. But hang on, aren’t those stairs supposed to go OVER the road?



6. Here’s a shop. This is what shops look like, right?



7. The pavements in North Korea are pink. Apparently



8. Great sports facilities, even though they appear to be made of Lego. Where are the people?



9. They have gyms in North Korea. But they can’t afford shirts, it seems



10. Fortunately, they have showers. Yes, non-believers, they have SHOWERS. No poverty in North Korea, then


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