10 travel bloggers with most Social Authority

By Mark Hodson, Editor of 101 Holidays

Who are the most influential travel bloggers? There are several ways of measuring influence but the latest is Social Authority, as calculated by Followerwonk, now part of the SEOmoz empire.

It’s all about ReTweets: the more you get, the more social influence you are said to have.

Below is a screenshot of the top 10 travel bloggers worldwide. Here’s a link to the top 100 travel bloggers (PDF).

Note that Followerwonk crawls Twitter bios, so only people with the exact phrase “travel blogger” in their bio will appear in this list.

It’s also interesting to note that influence is NOT all about followers: some bloggers with relatively few followers have high influence. These include several posting in Spanish and German and one whose Tweets are protected.

What do you think of the list? Is this a good way to measure social influence? Have your say in the comments.

Top 10 travel bloggers

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