My review of the London Sea Life Aquarium

By Helena Hodson, aged 8

When you go into the SEA LIFE Aquarium, the first thing you have to do is go underground – and it’s right next to the river Thames, so that’s a bit scary!

The next thing you have to do is walk across a glass corridor with sharks swimming under your feet – cool!

Once you are in the main part of the Aquarium there are loads of fish and other things which live in the sea to look at, they are all organised by the ocean which they live. My favourites were the jellyfish and the seahorses.

One of the great things about looking around are the signs with incredible facts about the fish next to each tank.

There is a massive tank without a lid which has loads of rays in it – when I was looking one of the rays swam right out of the water really quickly which made me jump!

The main thing in the Aquarium is the enormous tank which has sharks, turtles, massive fish and stingrays in it. It’s really awesome because as you go around the Aquarium you see it from different angles and the sharks come really close.

Near the end you go into the Antarctic section which has got some ultra cute Gentoo penguins – you can see them swimming underwater, and they all have coloured armbands on so you can tell what their names are.

I really enjoyed my trip to SEA LIFE – it’s a great place to visit. Especially if it’s raining!

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