6 islands in the Philippines you shouldn’t miss

By Marbree Sullivan

When you think of the Philippines, beaches probably spring to mind. Long stretches of white sand, clear turquoise water begging you to slide beneath the surface, perhaps a few limestone cliffs in the distance. You’ll find all of that in the Philippines but there’s more to this island n... Read more

6 best Mauritius hotels for each type of traveller

By Rebecca DiMassa

Whether you are in search of a romantic getaway, an adventurous escape, or something in between, Mauritius offers a vast array of scenery and activities to enjoy. Below you will find 6 best hotels on Mauritius for each type of traveller. The tiny Indian Ocean island of Mauritius is paradise... Read more

6 cool places in New England you don’t know about

By Julia Hudson

As much as you have to love Boston’s colonial neighbourhoods and the beaches of Cape Cod and Nantucket, there is plenty more to discover in New England. Here are the unsung destinations that you must try and work into your next trip to New England. 1. Discover beautiful Pioneer Valley Driv... Read more

6 reasons to stay at a ryokan in Japan

By Violet Cloutman

I’m usually hesitant to tell people that something is a ‘must-see’ or a ‘must-do’. I make an exception, however, for ryokan. A ryokan (pronounced ‘ree-oh- can’) is a Japanese inn. Big deal, you might think: what makes them so special? The reason is that the Japanese ha... Read more

6 lodges to rent in the Scottish Highlands

By Emma Southcombe

The Scottish Highlands offer a unique escape from the hustle and bustle of your everyday routine. Rent an isolated lodge or log cabin with friends or family and enjoy majestic views, long walks and blessed silence. Here are six great places to stay. 1. Lodge in private garden near Inver... Read more

6 best islands of Cape Verde

By Stacey Parsons

Marooned off the coast of West Africa, the 10 islands of Cape Verde are as diverse as they are exotic. With African, European and Brazilian influences, they boast tropical beaches, lush mountains and year-round sunshine. And with direct six-hour flights from the UK, this is a great value... Read more

6 of the best beaches in Sicily

Sicily has some of the best beaches this side of the Caribbean with fine white sand and turquoise waters. Even at the height of summer, you can usually find a quiet stretch all to yourself. Here are six of the best.

Image credit: that’Sicilia | Flickr Creative Commons 1. Fontane Bianche Located 15km... Read more

6 French country retreats for families

By Nadine Mellor

The heartlands of Provence and Languedoc are known for glorious rolling countryside, delicious food, great wines and historic towns. So far so grown-up. Yet holidays in the rural South of France also work brilliantly for families, especially when they find a home away from home, such as thes... Read more

6 reasons to visit Eastbourne this summer

By Mark Hodson

Some of the beach resorts on England’s south coast have struggled in recent years with holidaymakers preferring to head abroad, but Eastbourne is bucking the trend. Along with a genteel charm, it has a great beach and a dramatic setting alongside chalk cliffs and the South Downs Nat... Read more

6 cottages with pools in Dorset

By Emma Southcombe

What better way to enjoy a holiday in the UK than a charming cottage with its own swimming pool. These six are in Dorset, a county that is rich in natural treasures but often overlooked by tourists. Photo: Big Oak View 1. Health club in Charmouth Sleeping 10 people across five bedrooms, ... Read more

6 secret islands in the Mediterranean

By Mark Hodson

We all know about the big holiday islands in the Mediterranean but there are many secret spots where you can hide away for a few days and escape the madding crowds. Here’s my pick of some of the best in the Med. Chora, Amorgos (Sunvil Holidays) 1. Amorgos, Greece One of the […]... Read more

6 bizarre festivals and races around the world

By Shona Owen

If you didn’t manage to get tickets to Glastonbury this summer, why not try something new and something completely out of your comfort zone? Here are six utterly daft festivals and races where you can either take part or watch from the sidelines. Photo: Pekka Honkakoski 1. Wife Carry... Read more

6 things you must do at Inle Lake in Myanmar

By Cathy Winston

Since Myanmar (Burma) opened up to tourists a few years ago, this isolated country has sprung to the top of many travel wishlists. From the imposing golden Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon to the countless ancient temples in Bagan and tranquil scenery of Inle Lake, there’s plenty to discover in t... Read more

6 best airports to suffer a delay

By Cathy Tassie

It has happened to all of us at some point: you arrive at the airport only to find your flight has been delayed. On the upside it could be an hour or two, on the downside it could be closer to 24 hours. If you happen to be delayed at one of these […]... Read more

6 things you must do in Jersey

By Catherine Leech

In May 2016, TripAdvisor named Jersey the British Isles’ number one island for the second year running and Jersey ranked 9th in the whole of Europe. Singled out by visitors for its scenery, beaches and sunshine, what else does the largest of the Channel Islands have to offer? Here are si... Read more

6 US National Parks everybody should visit

By Rebecca Browning

America’s National Parks will celebrate their centenary in August this year. The National Park Service was created in 1916 to protect and conserve America’s natural wonders. Since then, 59 National Parks have been designated – here are six of the most spectacular parks th... Read more

6 of the best views in Sardinia

By Stacey Parsons

Sardinia is one of the most picturesque islands in the Mediterranean with stunning views at every twist and turn. It’s a particularly lovely place to visit in May or June before the summer crowds arrive Here are six of the best vistas. 1. Porto Giunco, near Villasimius Accessible only ... Read more

6 of the world’s most extraordinary forests

By Shona Owen

Not all forests were created equal. Some are utterly mind-boggling and out-of-this-world beautiful, and worth travelling half way across the world to see. Here are six that should be on your list. Photo: Dudarev Mikhail / Shutterstock 1. The Avenue of the Baobabs, Madagascar Madagascan folklore... Read more

6 cheap-but-lovely places for families to stay in Portugal

By Nadine Mellor

Who doesn’t love a bargain? And Portugal is one of the best-value countries to visit in Western Europe. It has an amazing coastline of cliffs and sandy beaches, delicious food and drink, characterful historic towns and cities, and under-the-radar bucolic countryside. All of which can be en... Read more

6 UK cottages with country walks from the door

Are you looking for a UK holiday this summer? One of the attractions of renting a cottage in the British countryside is the chance to head out on a long walk. Even better if the walk begins from your door. Here are six cottages available to rent this spring and summer with superb walking options directly on the doorstep.

Are you looking for a UK holiday this summer? One of the attractions of renting a cottage in the British countryside is the chance to head out on a long walk. Even better if the walk begins from your door. Here are six cottages available to rent this spring and summer with superb walking options […]... Read more

6 reasons why Botswana is the world’s most expensive safari destination

By Hannah Champion

Botswana is widely regarded as the world’s most expensive safari destination, with outstanding wildlife, excellent guiding and extravagantly luxurious accommodation. Despite the expense, few tourists deny it’s worth it. 1. Safari by air What better way to see the sprawling wa... Read more

6 great food experiences in Bangkok

By Philly Baines

Thailand is famed for its mouth-watering Pad Thai, fragrant green curries and fresh tropical produce. On landing in the capital Bangkok you can start tucking into some of Asia’s most sensational dishes – here’s my personal pick of the city’s best foodie experiences. ... Read more

6 places to see the spring blossom

By Shona Owen

From beautiful beds of colourful tulips to ancient trees covered in sweet smelling blossom, there’s nothing like spring flowers to lift your spirits. With forests, fields and flowerbeds waking up, I’ve selected some of the best places across the Northern Hemisphere where you can enjoy th... Read more

6 mind-blowing beaches in Corsica

By Stacey Parsons

The French island of Corsica boasts some of the finest beaches in the Mediterranean. Here, the experts at Corsican Places pick their six personal favourites. Take a look at the photos below: they could be in the Caribbean or the Indian Ocean, couldn’t they? In fact, Corsica is just two... Read more

6 modes of transport you didn’t know existed

By Simon Langley

An intrinsic part of travelling abroad is the transport. We’ve all heard stories about Thailand’s squealing tuk tuks and India’s overcrowded trains, but there are still some ways of getting around that remain unique. Here, we take a look at six weird and wonderful modes of transport, e... Read more

6 stunning spring walks in Spain

By Alison Hall

Spring has arrived and the first cuckoo has already been heard in the UK. That means it’s time to lace up your hiking boots and step into the flower-filled landscapes of Spain. Here are six gorgeous walking holidays that will allow to explore some of its most beautiful, unspoilt co... Read more

6 of the world’s best foodie experiences

By Rebecca Browning

We live in a world of delicious opportunities, from sushi in Japan, to wines in Australia. Where on Earth do you start? Here are six great foodie experiences that you can book for your next holiday. 1. Tour the vineyards of Tasmania World-renowned for its food and wine, Australia offers ... Read more

6 luxury self-catering cottages in Norfolk

By Emma Southcombe

Critics may dismiss it as flat and featureless – and point out that it’s home to TV’s Alan Partridge – but Norfolk has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity in recent years. It could even be called … (wait for it) … trendy. It’s actually a fascinat... Read more

6 tiny islands where you can hide from everybody

By Melissa Burfitt

We’ve all had that moment, when the green grass of home starts to look sallow, and the sound of lapping waves keeps sweeping through our minds. The desert island dream is calling. Far from tiresome day jobs, just you and your star-crossed lover, swimming amongst sea turtles, lazing in the... Read more

6 priceless journeys that cost less than £1

By Cathy Tassie

Exploring our world is an intoxicating adventure, an experience for all of our senses. There is often a misconception that touring a foreign city is expensive. If you are creative in your travels, it doesn’t have to be. We discovered six adventures that can not only take you around a cit... Read more

6 reasons to set your alarm before dawn

By Shona Owen

For some, a holiday means long relaxing days with long lie-ins, but these six destinations demand that you get up before sunrise. Dawn is the time when animals appear, people stir and thousand-year-old rituals take place – it’s your chance to catch the world at its golden hour fo... Read more

6 cottages on working farms in Cornwall

By Emma Southcombe

Cornwall has so much to offer in terms of beaches, coastline, great food and attractions. But one of the best ways to really experience the Cornish way of life is to stay on a working farm. Here are six cottages – including some gorgeous barn conversions – where you can stay ... Read more

6 reasons why you need to visit Tanzania

By Rebecca Browning

Is Tanzania the most exciting destination in the world for wildlife lovers? We reckon it might be. Not only does it offer spectacular game sightings and gorgeous lodges and camps, but there’s also a tremendous diversity of animals from the big cats to migrating birds and mountain c... Read more

6 things to do before Cuba changes forever

By Fiona Raleigh

Cuba is changing fast. A country that has been frozen in time since the 1950s is gradually opening to 21st Century commercial forces, and many people think it won’t be long before it will be flooded with American tourists and there’ll be a McDonald’s or a Chipotle on every s... Read more

6 exotic treehouses to bring out your inner child

By Melissa Burfitt

Treehouses have grown up. No longer restricted to childhood rope-ladders and leaky wooden roofs, today’s tree-top hideaways have everything from free-standing bathtubs to four-poster beds. No wonder travellers are clamouring to spend a night in the canopy. Tarzan never had it so good̷... Read more

6 breathtaking clifftop hotels around the world

By Shona Owen

Whether you’re cruising down the California coast or hiding away among Bali’s magnificent beaches, these cliff-hangers are sure to be the height of your trip. Here’s our pick of six hotels that bring you eye-to-eye with scenic thrills and sheer drops. Photo: Southern Ocean Lodge 1. S... Read more

6 things in Iceland to stick on your bucket list

By Rebecca Browning

Just three hours from UK, Iceland is full of spine tingling views in every direction. The Land of Fire and Ice boasts active volcanoes, geysers, giant waterfalls, glaciers and lava fields. Here are six things you need to put on your bucket list. 1. The Northern Lights Any time between... Read more

6 stunning under-the-radar Greek islands

By Nadine Mellor

Many believe the mythological Greek Isles of the Blessed, an earthly paradise for heroes, are very much with us today. Head on your own personal odyssey to find fewer crowds, beautiful beaches and an unspoiled way of life on Greece’s lesser-known islands. Live like a local in selected s... Read more

6 romantic cottages in Wales for Valentine’s Day

By Emma Southcombe

Here’s a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day: escape with your loved one to the glorious Welsh countryside. Whether you choose to stay near the coast or venture up north to enjoy the village life, here are six romantic cottages in Wales, each available at the time of writ... Read more

6 easy scenic hikes in the Andes

By Fiona Raleigh

Hiking in the Andes might conjure up images of strenuous hairy-chested mountain challenges. But there are easier options. Here are six superb hikes, some of which can be completed in a day, where you’ll enjoy all the magnificent scenery and spectacular views of this South American mount... Read more

6 of the world’s best stargazing spots

By Shona Owen

The bright lights of the big cities may draw in the crowds, but it’s the remote wilderness locations and clear skies that make these stargazing spots utterly sublime. As our population grows, so too does the light pollution but these places, in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, are i... Read more

6 unique things to do in Madagascar

By Hannah Champion

Madagascar is a thrilling destination particularly if you’re looking for something different to the traditional African safari. Its unique biodiversity has led to the discovery of hundreds of species that can’t be seen anywhere else in the world. Add friendly people and beaut... Read more

Add these incredible train journeys in Latin America to your bucket list

By Fiona Raleigh

Is there a more romantic way to see the world than from the carriage of a train. And it’s even more exciting when you’re climbing mountains and traversing vast tracts of wilderness. You’ll find rail journeys like this around the world, but there’s an incredible concent... Read more

6 of the world’s most exciting food markets

By Shona Owen

As our interest in world food has grown, we have started to delve deeper into “foodie” destinations. It’s no longer just about finding an authentic local restaurant. Now we want to discover the markets, where the very finest and freshest food can be found. Here’s our pic... Read more

6 places to stay for Edinburgh Hogmanay

By Emma Southcombe

The three-day Hogmanay celebration in Edinburgh attracts vast crowds of people to celebrate the New Year. It’s a wonderful time to visit the city and the surrounding countryside, but finding accommodation can be hard. Here are six self-catering properties in and around Edinburgh, a... Read more

6 traditional Christmas markets in Europe

By Alison Hall

There’s not much that can beat beat a traditional Christmas market to bring on some early Yuletide cheer. Here are six festive market holidays that offer so much more than just Glühwein and Stollen. Why not pop over for the weekend? 1. Fuschl, Austria On the shores of Wolfgangsee several ... Read more

6 dog-friendly cottages in Devon

By Emma Southcombe

One advantage of holidaying in the UK is that you can pack your pooch. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or taking the whole family for an active break on the coast, there are plenty of gorgeous self-catering properties that will welcome your pet. Check out these six dog... Read more

6 mind-blowing wildlife experiences in Sri Lanka

By Kate Waite

Sri Lanka offers a wealth of history, culture, stunning scenery and delicious cuisine but did you know that the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” also has some world-class wildlife experiences? Add these to your bucket list. Photo: Patrick Dykstra 1. Swim with blue whales What better way to put... Read more

6 romantic cottages for couples in the Cotswolds

By Emma Southcombe

Nothing says romance more than a cosy cottage for two in the Cotswolds – complete with a few little luxuries. Famed for its pretty villages and rolling countryside, the Cotswolds makes a great destination at any time of year, whether you want to see newborn lambs gamboling in spring,... Read more

6 amazing places to see the Northern Lights

By Catherine Leech

The greatest light show on earth is an entirely natural phenomenon – the Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights. Nature’s spectacular displays generally occur between October and March, visible against clear dark skies in the extremes of the northern and southern hemisp... Read more

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