What’s a holiday in Greece like in summer 2020?

By Mark Hodson It’s just after 9pm at Ouzeri To 11, a small taverna on a side street off the harbour front in Myrina on the Greek island of Lemnos. We’ve climbed the ramparts of the Venetian castle and watched a blazing sun set over the Aegean, all velvety pinks and purples.  The dishes arrive: [&hel... Read more

10 gorgeous UK hotels to book after lockdown

By Bonnie Friend

After lockdown, we will all be desperate to escape to somewhere spectacular, classy and … perhaps a little remote. Peppered across the UK are some exquisite places to stay, including independent hotels, inns and B&Bs tucked away by beaches, forests and rural bliss. Here, the Good Ho... Read more

Coronavirus update

Last updated: 16 March 2020 The world of travel has been turned upside by the rapid global spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). If you have booked a holiday over the next few months, you should contact your tour operator directly to discuss plans for cancellation, refund or rebooking. Our travel partners are... Read more

Where did all the travel bloggers go? Here are 10 great blogs to follow in 2019

 By Abigail King Around a decade ago, travel blogging arrived in force. From Twitter to Facebook to mainstream newspapers and magazines, lists of the best travel blogs to follow came flying through the pixels. Then the landscape changed. Those lists slowed down. Blogging itself had changed – and n... Read more

Women over 50 lead boom in solo travel

* Women outnumber men by two to one, new study finds * Average age of single travellers has risen to 57 The number of Brits taking singles holidays is booming, with people spending more and visiting ever more exotic destinations. The biggest growth area is women over 50, according to the biggest data crunch of its kind by leading online guide to singles holidays, 101 Singles Holidays.

* Women outnumber men by two to one, new study finds * Average age of single travellers has risen to 57 The number of Brits taking singles holidays is booming, with people spending more and visiting ever more exotic destinations. The biggest growth area is women over 50, according to the biggest data crunch o... Read more

Is this now the world’s best ski resort?

By Mark Hodson Ski journalists get asked a lot of questions. Probably the most popular (after “How are your knees?”) is: “What’s your favourite resort?” This invariably results in a lot of chin-scratching, and humming and hawing, but in my experience there is one answer that come... Read more

Discover the secrets of Ancient Greece

  By Catherine Leech, 101 Holidays Peter Sommer Travels has perfected the art of combining a relaxing holiday with a fascinating insight into ancient history and archaeology in the heart of the Aegean. Frequently based on board a luxury gulet, these holidays are usually a sell-out months in advance but ... Read more

10 weirdest photos from North Korea’s new official tourism website

By Mark Hodson, Editor of 101 Holidays

North Korea is perhaps the last place in the world you’d want to go on holiday. The regime is repressive and secretive, and millions of its people are said to be starving. The few tourists that have made it over the border have been accompanied by minders 24 hou... Read more

Is this the ultimate safari holiday?

  By Mark Hodson, Editor of 101 Holidays

  By Mark Hodson, Editor of 101 Holidays The web is full of bucket lists – the places people want to see before they die – but one tour operator has devised the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime safari holiday that will criss-cross the world to catch glimpses of 18 critically-endangered species. The th... Read more

5 bizarre (and expensive) holiday rentals

By Paul Conversy of Oliver's Travels

By Paul Conversy of Oliver’s Travels Bored with the usual villa or holiday cottage? How about renting an entire French village, a submarine for two in the Caribbean – at £175,000 a night – or a Napoleonic Fortress in the English Channel? Here’s how. A night on a submarine Hire the Lo... Read more

Travel writers reveal their favourite places

By Mark Hodson, Editor of 101 Holidays

Here’s an infographic of our recent survey of more than 100 UK travel writers and editors. You can see the full survey results here.... Read more

15 great journeys that cost under £10

By Simon Willmore

Sightseeing doesn’t have to be expensive. Some of the world’s most thrilling journeys cost very little. Here’s our pick of the best ways to get around some popular travel destinations using bus, train, tram, ferry – or even cable car. Did we miss your favourite? Let us kn... Read more

Travel websites failing, video is the future, says Google Travel chief

Most travel websites fail to provide a great experience for users, according to Sarah McDonald, Head of Travel at Google in the UK. In a fast-moving and wide-ranging presentation at World Travel Market today, McDonald said that most travel content online had been “done badly up to this point” and she thin... Read more

How Maldives human rights protesters hijacked WTM Twitter hashtag

By Mark Hodson, Editor of 101 Holidays Today sees the start of World Travel Market, a vast four-day event in London bringing together industry professionals around the world. Over the past couple of years, organisers have devoted a growing slice of time and space to social media, and this year will see a seri... Read more

10 of the world’s worst-behaved air passengers

By Mark Hodson, Editor of 101 Holidays

Plumber’s violent frenzy after computer porn ban Plumber Ian Bottomley, 36, flew into a drunken rage after being told by cabin crew not to look at porn on his computer. He assaulted three stewards and caused £30,000 of damage during a 12-hour rampage on a British ... Read more

World’s 10 most unusual hotels

 By Catherine Leech, 101 Holidays

If you thought that the hotel comparison website, Trivago, was all about keen prices for bog-standard city centre hotels, check out this compilation of 10 unusual hotels on their books – from sleeping in the cockpit of a Boeing 747 to a hotel made out of salt. Malmai... Read more

10 travel bloggers with most Social Authority

By Mark Hodson, Editor of 101 Holidays

Who are the most influential travel bloggers? There are several ways of measuring influence but the latest is Social Authority, as calculated by Followerwonk, now part of the SEOmoz empire. It’s all about ReTweets: the more you get, the more social influence you ar... Read more

10 UK travel writers with most Social Authority

By Mark Hodson

There have been several attempts to measure influence on Twitter, most notably the much-maligned Klout. Now comes Social Authority, a new metric launched by SEOmoz, through its recent acquisition, Followerwonk. Despite its awkward name, Followerwonk is a useful tool, slicing and dicing data fro... Read more

10 key takeaways from Travel Babble

By Mark Hodson Yesterday saw the birth of a new event in the online travel calendar. Travel Babble was a meeting of travel bloggers, marketing folk and SEOs (those clever people that make stuff appear higher in Google results). The free event was held in Central London and organised by Fresh Egg, a digital ag... Read more

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