Best travel blog posts in May

By Ben Green Guernsey, so close to our shores although not often mentioned when it comes to travel, but once you’ve read the post a Lady in Guernsey from the blog A Lady In London, you may well be tempted to visit. The post begins, “Flying into Guernsey, it’s hard to believe I’m on an […]... Read more

Best Travel Blog Posts in April

By Ben Green The Blue Lagoon is a popular destination in Iceland and after reading Emma Gray’s post Relaxing In The Blue Lagoon you may be even more curious to visit, although I’m not sure I’d go during a blizzard. Emma writes, “As I got outside the blizzard was at the peak of its power […]... Read more

Best travel blog posts in March 2014

By Ben Green Have you ever wanted to wash an elephant? You may do once you’ve read Audrey Bergner’s post A day spent feeding, bathing, and marvelling at Elephants from her blog That Backpacker. “With buckets in hand, we stepped into the shallow water, where we splashed around while the elephants gingerl... Read more

Best Travel Blog Posts in February 2014

[caption id="attachment_20884" align="alignnone" width="530"] Third-class train travel in Sri Lanka. Photo by Jayne Gorman[/caption]

By Ben Green February means Valentine’s Day, which to many means showing affection to that special person in your life.  So I was amused to read the post Valentine’s Day: My Favorite Holiday… Except in Japan from Beth Williams’ blog Besudesu Abroad. As the title suggests, Beth is a romantic, but as h... Read more

Best travel blogs in January 2014

By Ben Green Last month travel blogger James Ballardie started a 15-month trek. The difference? James is a backpacker in a wheelchair and the writing on his blog – Look At All the Poor People – is brutally honest and funny. His post Big Arses And Other Things To See In Rio De Janeiro gives [&helli... Read more

Best travel blog posts of December 2013

By Ben Green You may have seen the news earlier this month that Prince Harry made it to the South Pole. A mighty achievement, but what you probably wouldn’t have read about was how being a Royal can help put you at the front of the queue. The well-travelled Lee Abbamonte happened to be on […]... Read more

Best travel blog posts of November

By Ben Green Have you ever thought about where salt comes from? I hadn’t. The White Gold of Turda, Romania by Barbara Weibel from Hole In The Donut Cultural Travel is a fascinating read with facts, photographs (see above) and interesting observations including this: “As the temperature plummeted, the wall... Read more

Best Travel Blog Posts in October 2013

By Ben Green Twitter is a great place to stumble across travel blogs. I’ll read a Tweet from someone I follow, which is about someone else they follow who has had (or is on) an amazing journey. If you don’t use Twitter, or you’re simply too busy to read lots of travel blogs, here are […]... Read more

7 best Japan travel blogs

ByJamesMundyJapanisoneoftheworld’smostexcitingdestinations,andoneofthemostbafflingforEuropeanvisitors.Sowhatyouneedifyouplantovisit–orifyoujustwanttolearnmoreaboutthisendlesslyfascinatingcountry–istogettheinsidetrackfromalocalor[…... Read more

Best Travel Blog Posts in May

 By Kathryn Burrington May has seen a wonderfully mixed bag of travel blog posts from the descriptive to the poignant, from the cute to the stunningly beautiful. Iain Mallory shared an interesting post about his visit to Tanji fishing village bringing the sights and sounds of the Gambian coast to life. R... Read more

Best travel blog posts in April

[caption id="attachment_16590" align="alignnone" width="600"] Guess where this photo was taken...[/caption]

By Kathryn Burrington Some wonderful travel photography has caught my eye this last month from an energetic, multi-coloured Holi festival to a stunning sunrise over snow-covered mountains. I’ve also enjoyed reading about lovely but fairly familiar locations, in particular, Kyoto and Tuscany as well as p... Read more

10 best London blogs


  By Laura Porter London has so much going on you really need to get a recommendation from a local and that’s what makes these London blogs so great. Whether you’re looking for a spontaneous idea for today, want the insider news of the latest pop-ups or an honest restaurant review these blogs are... Read more

Best travel blog posts in March

By Kathryn Burrington It has been another great month in the travel blogging world that’s enabled me, virtually at least, to walk beneath Austria’s Hintertux Glacier, float above the wreck of the Titanic, enjoy the beauty of Washington’s State Parks and to visit a hospital in Malawi. Here ar... Read more

Best travel blog posts in February

 By Kathryn Burrington From a women’s co-operative in Jordan to a couple making a tandem bungy jump on Valentine’s Day, it has been an interesting and exciting month for the travel blogging community. Here are a few of the stories that caught my eye over the past four weeks. In The Giving Lens Gives Ba... Read more

Best travel blog posts in January

 By Kathryn Burrington From close encounters with wildlife on freezing Arctic ice floes or the heat and dust of Africa to some of the most unusual traditions and places we ever heard of, there has been a wonderful variety of interesting and quirky travel posts this month. In her post An Arctic Encounter wit... Read more

Best travel blog posts in December

By Kathryn Burrington From picturesque walks in the Turkish countryside to death-defying white-water rafting (without a raft) in Finland, we’ve discovered a wonderful collection of travel posts published in December. On Travel Unpacked, Gordon Lethbridge tells how he joined a bunch of adventurous locals in ... Read more

15 Best Travel Blogs to Follow in 2013

By Kathryn Burrington Thousands of new travel blogs are launched every year, as adventurers set off to explore the world and – perhaps – to build a group of online followers. While we love travel blogs, the sheer volume of words and images uploaded every day makes it almost impossible to keep up. ... Read more

Best travel blog posts in November

By Kathryn Burrington From jet packs in Mexico to Hobbit tours of New Zealand, my travel blog reading in November took me on new and exciting journeys. A story I found both fascinating and moving was Alice Jackman’s post about teaching children in Cambodia. Alice leads us on an emotional journey starting fr... Read more

10 Best Bangkok Blogs

By Esme Fox Famed for its food and its hedonistic lifestyle, Bangkok is a city of contradictions, where you can hide out with Buddhist monks in a secluded temple or shop for the latest designer products in some of the world’s most luxurious malls. Our pick of the 10 best Bangkok blogs showcases every aspect... Read more

10 Best Barcelona Blogs

By Rooksana Hossenally It’s easy to fall in love with Barcelona. The Catalan capital is so rich in culture, cuisine, shopping, nightlife and natural beauty that visitors can soon find themselves seduced by the tapas bars, the nightclubs, the beachfront xiringitos and the maze of streets in the Ciudad V... Read more

10 Best Sydney Blogs


By Sarah Caddy With more than 4.6 million people living in Sydney, you’d expect a fair few blogging enthusiasts. Our pick of the city’s 10 best bloggers are the Sydneysiders that regularly provide the greatest insight – whether you’re an expat looking for hidden local nooks, a foodie in search of t... Read more

Best travel blog posts in October

By Kathryn Burrington Is it my imagination or was there a glut of food-orientated travel blog posts this month? Not that I’m complaining. I love them (and write many myself) but I sometimes feel I’m putting on weight just reading them. Many years ago I spent a wonderful week with my sister on the ... Read more

10 Best Paris Blogs

By Mike Gerrard Paris is the city that’s got everything – including a blogger on every boulevard. Many Paris bloggers are expats and – in most cases – they retain an enthusiasm for this very special city, which locals can sometimes get blasé about. With its reputation for great food and fas... Read more

Best travel blog posts in September

By Kathryn Burrington As September draws to a close, and summer is a fading memory, reading my fellow travel bloggers’ posts has once again filled my days with adventures. In this virtual world I’ve ridden the rapids in Montana and hurtled along rickety railway tracks in Cambodia on a bamboo train... Read more

Best travel blog posts: How to dance like a fool

By Kathryn Burrington Welcome to my new column on 101 Holidays. Each month I’ll be sharing with you some of my favourite posts from the previous few weeks. I’m Kathryn, from Travel with Kat. As well as writing my own travel blog, I really enjoy reading about other people’s adventures. Through their stor... Read more

Pushing boundaries: This week’s best travel blogs

[caption id="attachment_11158" align="alignleft" width="300"] Abandoned Israeli tank. Photo: Angela Corrias[/caption]

By Holly Cave In Chasing the Unexpected, Angela Corrias was pushing boundaries with her post In Mleeta, a meeting with Hezbollah. And while it doesn’t sound like my idea of the perfect holiday, there’s something to be said for visiting a destination brimming with so much history in the making. The post is... Read more

Let the games begin: Best of the week’s travel blogs

Filip Gierlinski

[caption id="attachment_10988" align="alignnone" width="580"] Hmong girls. Photo: Filip Gierlinski[/caption]

By Holly Cave Spring is here, April showers and all. Since I’ve been admiring the cherry blossoms at the end of my street for a couple of weeks now, Foottracker’s photos essay on the Celebration of the Blossoms in San Francisco’s Japantown caught my eye. As Annie points out, Japan is famous for its blos... Read more

Time flies: This week’s best travel blogs


[caption id="attachment_10894" align="alignleft" width="274" caption="Salt flats, Argentina. Photo: Jake Semmel"][/caption]

              By Holly Cave Jürgen and Mike have given themselves 91 days to explore Sri Lanka – and 91 days in each destination they visit henceforth. From reading their blog, it seems like they thought this would feel like a long time, but my sense is that time is [&hel... Read more

New frontiers: This week’s best travel blogs

By Holly Cave I found Over Yonderlust for the first time this week and really enjoyed reading about their adventures in the Bolivian Amazon – a place I visited myself not so long ago. Accompanied by some beautifully evocative photos and a recording of the strange night noises heard around camp, this is a ca... Read more

Away from it all: This week’s best travel blogs


By Holly Cave I don’t know anyone who has been to Siberia. That’s why this post on The Joys of Traveling caught my attention, and it turned out to be a lovely read about a country I know very little about. With snippets of personal experiences encountered along the journey, and a sprinkling of fac... Read more

Best travel blogs of the week: Tick yes for adventure

                 By Holly Cave I greatly enjoyed reading about Girl and The World’s road trip around the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Covering 318km on a 100cc scooter is a long way to go for a party, but you only live once, right? I couldn’t help but admir... Read more

A taste of freedom: This week’s best travel blogs

The Gypsy Nester

               By Holly Cave It was reflections of a very personal nature from Tracy Zhang at Just in Time with her heartfelt descriptions of Chinese Traditions of a Cemetery Visit. Some journeys have a distinct goal, a particular task that needs to be completed rather than... Read more

You’re never too young: This week’s best travel blogs

By Holly Cave Amy and Jarrad of Livin’ on the Road are travelling around Australia with their four children: Peter, Susan, Lucy and Edmund. Talk about intrepid! This week for their regular Photo Friday, they put together a sweet, photo-led post about the things their two youngest kids have liked most ab... Read more

Breaking down barriers: Best of the week’s travel blogs


By Holly Cave This week at Our Oyster, Anick-Marie was throwing a Spotlight On Canada’s Inuit People – a fantastically informative blog post that keeps adding more and more layers to the culture, geography and current status of these nomadic people. For example, did you know that an individual Inui... Read more

How to be happy: Best of the week’s travel blogs

By Holly Cave There are few things more refreshing than reading about a place you’ve never even heard of, a place you would never have heard of, unless an intrepid travel blogger had been there and written about it. Thankfully, Mark Wiens of Migrationology has been to the Chinese village of Chengyang, a... Read more

Here’s looking at you: Our pick of the week’s best blogs

By Holly Cave We thought it was about time to feature something slightly different this week, and so, apparently, did star blogger, Nellie Huang. Good timing, Nellie! Her brave new venture is the tricky move from blogging to publishing and having had a flick through the first edition of WildJunket Magazine, w... Read more

Get a grip: Our pick of the week’s best travel blogs

By Holly Cave Forget the glossy high rises of Dubai, Middle East expert Maria Laborde introduces us to the delights of Abu Dhabi in her latest photo essay, Abu Dhabi: The rising Emirate. With some really interesting background on the status and history of the United Arab Emirates – most of which I must admi... Read more

Stop your boring life: the week’s best travel blog posts

[caption id="attachment_9803" align="alignnone" width="499" caption="You could be taking photos like this on your iPhone"][/caption]

By Holly Cave From the wild to the whimsical, New Orleans is ramping up a gear in preparation for the annual Mardi Gras celebrations. This year, organisers of the US version of ‘Fat Tuesday’ won’t just be throwing the usual strings of beads from their floats. Glen over at Travelin’ Gri... Read more

Home and away: our pick of the week’s best travel blogs

By Holly Cave My favourite discovery of the week is the eyewateringly brilliant Pictory Mag. This image essay / visual blog / photojournalism – call it what you will – tells a different story each week. This week it’s Something to write home about, so what we get is, in effect, a collection of beaut... Read more

Taking the plunge: best of the week’s travel blogs

By Holly Cave In one of the week’s best travel blog posts, Michael Turtle captured in words and pictures the beautiful desolation of Uruguay’s out-of-season beaches – the secret playground of South America. Having recently been to South America, I find it interesting how many people only called ... Read more

From Whitechapel to Wadi Rum: This week’s best travel blogs

By Holly Cave Our travel blogs this week are beyond cool, from East London’s trendiest eateries and shopping spots to bass-fuelled road trips across the desert and getting to grips with social media. But let’s not forget the joys of sitting back with our favourite brand of beer in a typical touris... Read more

First class posts: our pick of the week’s best travel blogs

By Holly Cave This week, our interest has been piqued by bloggers who’ve been on the trail of some fascinating fauna and others who’ve taken a look at Earth from a very different perspective. Read on for tales of the unexpected and some personal travel tips. We think there’s always a place f... Read more

First class posts: Our new column highlights the travel blogs you should be reading this week

By Holly Cave

Welcome to our new weekly round-up highlighting the most inspiring and interesting travel blogs and articles. To celebrate the start of this column, all this week’s selections are on the theme of ‘new’. As anyone familiar with London will know, this sprawling city always has so... Read more

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