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Ben GreenBy Ben Green

Twitter is a great place to stumble across travel blogs. I’ll read a Tweet from someone I follow, which is about someone else they follow who has had (or is on) an amazing journey. If you don’t use Twitter, or you’re simply too busy to read lots of travel blogs, here are four posts from the past month that you may have missed and I think are worth reading.

Rob Lutter started a round-the-world cycle trip in September 2011. He has been recharging in Hong Kong and recently ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for his 15,000-mile journey home to London (via Southeast Asia, Australia and the United States). Whilst waiting for the Kickstarter funds to come through, Rob has been writing up his journey to date and has just added Chapter 52 // Kahraman that documents the section in Turkey from Istanbul toward the Iranian boarder. Rob writes: “Stunning pastures spread out from the road like green deserts and it was impossible to tell if you were moving fast or covering distance.” Not only are the journal entries interesting, there are also some fabulous photographs (see above). Follow Robert @RobertLutter

Jayne Gorman, recent winner of Best Travel Blog at the Cosmo Blog Awards 2013, caught my attention with a post called A First Timer In Germany from her blog 40 Before 30. Germany is a country I feel I should spend more time exploring. Jayne’s entry takes in three cities – Cologne, Hamburg & Münster. Jayne writes: “I walked everywhere I could, from Cologne’s Belgian Quarter to the Dom, around Hamburg’s Reeperbahn and Münster’s weekly market. I found the best places whilst simply walking, happily lost. It seems this is what cities like these are made for.” Follow Jane @JayneyTravels

As a bit of a plane geek, My Flight: British Airways World Traveller Plus on the new A380 – LAX to LHR by Mrs O. Around the World caught my eye. Although the A380 has been in service for more than five years, it is new to the British Airways fleet. The post goes into great detail about the journey including check-in, seat, food and in-flight entertainment. If you are planning a long-haul journey on BA and are considering an upgrade (or downgrade) to World Traveller Plus, then information such as this will help you decide. What could be improved? “There is very little leg support – only a teeny tiny footrest which doesn’t do the job on a 12-hour journey at all.” says Mrs O. Follow Ana @MrsOaroundworld

Long journeys can be tiring enough if you are just looking after yourself, but if you are travelling with children they can change a lot of your travel habits (e.g. where you go, how long you stay) and one thing you must prepare for is illness. If you’re planning a trip away with your children soon (short or long), have a look at 5 Tips For Coping With Sick Kids on Vacation from Jetlag & Mayhem, a globe-trotting mum of two.  Having had a similar experience, my favourite tip from the post is: “Pack a decent medical kit with all your kids favourites. I remember running around pharmacies in the Philippines trying to find strawberry flavoured Calpol for my friend’s daughter as the hotel only had banana and she wouldn’t take it.” Follow Nicola @JetlagandMayhem

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Ben Green is a frustrated traveller, who has been to some beautiful places but only seen 20% of the world so far. Based in the Cotswolds with his wife and children, Ben recently started blogging at Hand Baggage Only and is also a freelance photographer, and marketing and communications consultant. If you think your blog post should be featured next month, Tweet Ben @handbaggageonly

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  1. Hi Ben,
    Great to see this column start up again. I really enjoyed writing it but did find it very time consuming. I love your October choices. I’ll be sure to send any great posts I come across your way (including my own if I may).
    All the best,

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