Best travel blog posts in October

By Kathryn Burrington

Is it my imagination or was there a glut of food-orientated travel blog posts this month? Not that I’m complaining. I love them (and write many myself) but I sometimes feel I’m putting on weight just reading them.

Many years ago I spent a wonderful week with my sister on the Amalfi coast. When I saw that Suzanne Courtney, who blogs as The Travel Bunny, was going there I knew that I would soon relive some happy memories through her posts. She didn’t disappoint and I now have an even deeper longing to return, in particular to visit the wonderful restaurant in Positano that Suzanne vividly describes. The combination of stunning coastal views, great food and a warm welcome from Peppi and mama sounds perfect. Follow Suzanne on Twitter @thetravelbunny

The second foodie post I’d like to share comes from Michael Turtle on his blog, Time Travel Turtle. Handle the heat or get out of the kitchen is a fascinating peep behind the scenes of the making of nasi gudeg in an Indonesian restaurant. His atmospheric photographs (above) illustrate his writing so very beautifully. Follow Michael on Twitter @michaelturtle.

Two great articles, about two families, running two very different traditional restaurants and both look wonderful.

After all that glorious food I think a little exercise is in order so why not follow me to the blog site of Nic Freeman and plunge over the edge of a canyon and into the icy waters of Grmecica, Slovenia. Nic’s post is another great tale of not letting your fears get the better of you; something I really admire. Watch the accompanying video for a glimpse of what you would be letting yourself in for if you were to follow in Nic’s footsteps on this adventure. Follow Nic on Twitter @NicFreeman

Other blogs caught my eye this month through their beautiful photographs. Firstly, Michael Housewright’s stunning and dramatic pictures of one of the USA’s many national parks in his post Yosemite The California Move. Follow Michael on Twitter @BlissAdventure.

Secondly, some wonderful portraits by Russ Taylor in Himachal Pradesh – Men at Work (and Play) showing men from various villages of the area, both working and relaxing with friends. A wonderful glimpse of everyday life. Follow Russ on Twitter @nomadruss.

Yet more striking images can be found on Michael (there seems to be a glut of Michaels too) and Larissa’s post A glimpse behind the security wall in Israel; these photographs of murals form a collection of powerful scenes that speak for themselves. Follow Changes in Longitude on Twitter @Changes_Long.

* Don’t forget to let me know if you come across any great posts from independent travel bloggers next month. I’d love to hear from you so please either leave a comment here or tweet me @travelwithkat using the hashtag #besttravelposts

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5 responses to “Best travel blog posts in October”

  1. I love this feature and it is a great way for me to find out what’s going on. Have found great blogs thanks to this initiative. Keep up the great work!

  2. Tiny Girl with Big Bag says:

    Thanks Kathryn for the post. I must agree with the prev commenter, it’s nice to read other travel blogs, and to know different tastes and points of view :)

  3. Hi Kathryn,

    Thanks for including our story about the security wall in Israel and for introducing me to the other blogs on here as well.



  4. Thank you Ana, Tina and Michael and you are very welcome Michael, it was a really interesting post. Lovely to hear you are enjoying this column too. All your comments are really appreciated.

  5. Hey Kathryn,

    Thanks for your lovely mention of me and my canyoning post in your list. Makes me happy to share the adventures and read the other wonderful posts you’ve mentioned too.


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