Best travel blog posts: How to dance like a fool

By Kathryn Burrington

Welcome to my new column on 101 Holidays. Each month I’ll be sharing with you some of my favourite posts from the previous few weeks.

I’m Kathryn, from Travel with Kat. As well as writing my own travel blog, I really enjoy reading about other people’s adventures. Through their stories and photographs I can re-live happy memories of places I’ve visited in the past or venture somewhere new, in my mind at least, as my fellow travel bloggers whisk me away on exciting journeys of discovery.

In August I’ve enjoyed many such vicarious adventures. Through their words and pictures I’ve taken a stroll with big cats, explored the streets of Barcelona admiring Gaudi’s magnificent architecture, danced like a fool in Tokyo at the Bon Odori festival and fallen head-over-heels in love all over again with India.

Kellie’s post on her blog Destination Unknown describes the joy she felt while walking with young lions in Zambia and then a month later, cheetahs in South Africa. Kellie’s vivid descriptions of her thoughts and emotions enabled me to share in her excitement and enthusiasm for these experiences and the important work that such rehabilitation and release centres are doing. As well as a great story teller, Kellie is also a wonderful photographer. Follow Kellie on Twitter @DestnUnknown.

In Understanding Gaudi Marisol and Keith share some beautiful photographs and interesting insights into the enchanting and seemingly whimsical architectural masterpieces that have made Barcelona famous. Follow Travelling Solemates on Twitter @tsolemates.

Jessica’s description and her husband’s images of Tokyo’s Bon Odori Festival really made me smile. This Japanese Buddhist custom honours the spirits of one’s ancestors with a dance performed to welcome the spirits of the dead. Tokyo’s modern take on this ancient tradition looks great fun and I’m sure I’d really love Dancing Like a Fool. The saying goes “You’re a fool if you dance, and a fool if you just look on. If you’re going to be a fool anyway, you might as well dance!”  Follow Jessica on Twitter @JessicaKorteman.

I’m already in love with India but I fell in love all over again reading Dany’s post on Globetrotter Girls about Hampi in Southern India. Her photography illustrates her narrative beautifully as she meets pilgrims who have travelled from across the country to worship at the spectacular Virupaksha Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, explores the village itself and chills out on the rooftop of a local restaurant. Follow the Globetrotter Girls on Twitter @GlbetrotterGrls

The Lebanon is not a country often covered by travel blogs and I’ve really enjoyed following the adventures of two Oregonians who are currently staying near Beirut. In Change is Brewing in the Middle East: 961 Beer Bethany recounts their visit to the only micro-brewery in the Lebanon and the fascinating story behind it. I’m told 961 beer will be available soon in the UK. Follow Ted and Bethany on Twitter @twoOregonians.

All these travel blogs really captured my imagination and made me eager to make these experiences my own. Thanks to everyone who put forward suggestions and if you come across any great posts throughout September from independent travel bloggers, please do let me know by commenting here or tweeting me @TravelWithKat using the hashtag #BestTravelPosts

Photo credits: Destination Unknown,,

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3 responses to “Best travel blog posts: How to dance like a fool”

  1. Kellie says:

    Great post and I love the concept behind this new column of yours! Thanks for including my post about the lion walk, it certainly was a highlight of my time in Africa. Being able to travel vicariously through others is something I love about this social media era we live in, and as I’m always looking for new travel adventure ideas, I’ll be looking forward to your future posts!

  2. I stumbled upon your blog and was thrilled about some of the interesting things you had on it. I am glad that you liked India. Just wondering is that you with the lion? Thanks for mentioning about Globetrotter Girls Hampi. I have been there once when I was small. Plan to go there again.

  3. @ Kellie
    Glad you liked the post. I enjoyed writing it and I loved reading about your adventures.

    @ Shalu
    No, that is Kellie in the picture with the lion cub (although I did stroke a lion once but that’s another story!)
    India is the most exciting country I have ever been to and a photographers dream come true. Hampi sounds wonderful. I hope you do get to go there again.

    Thank you both, Kat x

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