How to be happy: Best of the week’s travel blogs

By Holly Cave

There are few things more refreshing than reading about a place you’ve never even heard of, a place you would never have heard of, unless an intrepid travel blogger had been there and written about it. Thankfully, Mark Wiens of Migrationology has been to the Chinese village of Chengyang, and we devoured the images he captured, alongside the descriptions of village life where the social life revolves around the wooden platforms of its many bridges: an inspiring portrait of rural life in China and one that makes you want to jump on a plane and check it out. Follow Mark on Twitter.

You hear a lot these days about Thailand being overrun with tourists, its most beautiful beaches selling out to big resorts and the seedier aspects of the tourist industry. So it’s no wonder that, having spread her wings, Bushbirdie is reluctant to share her love of Koh Yao Noi with the world. We’re pleased to be reassured that there are such hidden delights still out there and the TravMonkey post’s wanderlust-inducing properties aside, it’s also an interesting reflection upon the ethics of travel journalism. Follow Bushbirdie on Twitter.

Adam Pervez is one blogger who’s taken the Happiness Plunge. On a voyage to discover what it really means to be happy, one of his latest posts sees him travelling to meet Colombian citizen Kenji, a man who’s trying to make a change for the better in the troubled city of Bogota. It’s an article that makes you realise there’s no better way to really understand a place than by walking its streets with someone who knows it – for good and for bad – inside-out. Follow Adam on Twitter.

But travel isn’t always about being happy. However much you love a destination, there’s nearly always a striking cultural difference you simply can’t get your head around or something that pulls you up short of selling your house, buying a shed in a lemon grove and moving there immediately. Michael at Art of Backpacking ranted his hang-ups in his latest post, Things I don’t understand about Buenos Aires – a favourite city of many – to explore just a few of the things that drive him up the wall. Follow Michael on Twitter.

And unless you’ve avoided all types of retail establishment over the last few weeks, you’ll know that it was Valentine’s Day earlier this week. Nicole at Bitten By the Travel Bug took a moment to reflect upon the trials and tribulations of romance on the road in A Traveller’s Romance. It’s a reminder that even those who spend their lives flitting from one country to the next really do have tough times, but also a sweet reminder that love can happen anywhere and at any time! Follow Nicole on Twitter.

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  1. Nicole says:

    Great list of articles – and thank you for including my post on A Traveller’s Romance. :)

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