Best Travel Blog Posts in February 2014

101 - Boy on Sri Lankan Train

Third-class train travel in Sri Lanka. Photo by Jayne Gorman

Ben GreenBy Ben Green

February means Valentine’s Day, which to many means showing affection to that special person in your life.  So I was amused to read the post Valentine’s Day: My Favorite Holiday… Except in Japan from Beth Williams’ blog Besudesu Abroad. As the title suggests, Beth is a romantic, but as her post goes on to describe there is little room for just the special person in your life if you are Japanese.  As Beth explains, “In Japan, women have the social obligation to give every man they know chocolate on this day.”  The post is more informative than opinionated, but gives a great sense of how things in Japan can be very different to the west. You can follow Beth @besudesuabroad.

Another recommendation for Jayne Gorman’s blog 40 Before 30, this time for her post First Impressions of Sri Lanka. I had been looking out for the post since I’d noticed on Twitter that Jayne had to buy a third-class ticket for a train ride, a trip which is described in the post: “In the non-air conditioned third class carriages you can throw open the windows and I hung my head out like on a dog on its first car journey”. It sounds like a third-class adventure I’d like to experience. You can follow Jayne @jayneytravels.

The snow on the US East Coast has been making headlines for much of January and February, especially for travellers, so I take my hat off to Katie Aune for being brave enough to visit Boston a few weeks ago. Her post A Winter Weekend in Boston has some great pictures of the city in the snow, which makes it look implausibly warm and inviting.  Katie’s commentary is well written and I found lines such as “I stumbled upon the gorgeous Memorial Hall and then the very Ivy League feeling Harvard Square,” enticing me to visit the city again, although I might wait until the snow has gone. You can follow Katie @katieaune.

My final recommendation for this month is the post The Week I Fell in Love With Seville from the blog Travels of Adam.  I always like to read a post that makes me want to visit somewhere I haven’t been to before and this one does the trick.  As Adam writes, “It’s a big city, yes, but it still feels like a small town.” By the time I had finished reading not only was I ready to book my ticket to Seville, but I was also beginning to think living there for a few weeks to learn Spanish would be a great idea.  You can follow Adam @travelsofadam.

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