Best travel blog posts in November

By Kathryn Burrington

From jet packs in Mexico to Hobbit tours of New Zealand, my travel blog reading in November took me on new and exciting journeys.

A story I found both fascinating and moving was Alice Jackman’s post about teaching children in Cambodia. Alice leads us on an emotional journey starting from her first, somewhat naive steps taking the initial decision to volunteer. When she hears that the school where she will be teaching is attached to the Cambodia Landmine Museum she starts to realise the enormity of the challenge she has taken on.

Her inspirational article gives us a glimpse of life as a volunteer. It also highlights the obstacles Cambodia’s most vulnerable children face and the great work that projects like this are doing to ensure that the children get the help they need to overcome these challenges.

In his post, 5 Quirky Things to Do in Cancun, Raymond Walsh shares some unusual reasons to visit the area, including snorkelling over the city’s Underwater Museum. There you can discover more than 450 statues on the seabed, in what must be a surreal experience. Cancun also offers adventurous travellers the chance to strap on a jet pack and learn to fly, perform somersaults and land, apparently in just a few minutes. Follow Raymond on Twitter @manonthelam1

Bride’s Pool: a tragic tale by James Louie is a wonderful narrative about a hike with his father to find a waterfall in Hong Kong. James’s expressive writing accompanied by some atmospheric photography brings the experience to life beautifully. I particularly like his image ‘A jungle stream’ (pictured above left) which draws me in and makes me want to scramble across the rocks to discover the next beautiful scene that may be around the corner. Follow James on Twitter @james_ultra

Have you ever imagined yourself as Laurence of Arabia riding a fine Arabian horse through the desert? Erin McNeaney, from the blog Never Ending Voyage, did just that and shares it in her post Wadi Rum on Horseback. Her vivid description of this thrilling experience (above right) makes me really quite envious. Follow Never Ending Voyage on Twitter @NevEndingVoyage.

My favourite post published in November, however, was Laurence Norah’s photographic tour of Hobbiton near the town of Matamata in New Zealand. With some beautiful images of the famous party tree, the mill, the Green Dragon Pub and, of course, Bilbo Baggins’ home, Bag End, this is a fascinating insight into some of the work and loving attention to detail that goes into the making of films such as the Lord of the Rings. I’m sure this will be a popular tour for those visiting the area. Follow Laurence on Twitter @Lozula.

* Don’t forget to let me know if you come across any great posts from independent travel bloggers next month. I’d love to hear from you so please either leave a comment here or tweet me @travelwithkat using the hashtag #besttravelposts

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4 responses to “Best travel blog posts in November”

  1. Glad you liked my Cancun post! Thanks for mentioning it here!! :)

  2. Thanks so much for including me Kathryn, I’m thrilled that you’ve chosen a post on a lesser-known side of Hong Kong!

  3. @ Raymond and James
    My pleasure, love your blogs :-)

  4. Very interesting post. The 5 quirky things to do in Cancun is particularly interesting specially the underwater museum.

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