10 Best Barcelona Blogs

By Rooksana Hossenally

It’s easy to fall in love with Barcelona. The Catalan capital is so rich in culture, cuisine, shopping, nightlife and natural beauty that visitors can soon find themselves seduced by the tapas bars, the nightclubs, the beachfront xiringitos and the maze of streets in the Ciudad Vella.

However, to find the authentic beating heart of this magical, beguiling city, we have turned to some of the people that know it best – the city’s bloggers. Here’s our pick of the 10 best.

Best of Barcelona

What it is: different angles on how to explore the city written by a local and possibly Barcelona’s biggest fan, Javier Castillo

Why we like it: Javier provides the inside track on Barcelona’s foodie scene, whether you want to sample the city’s Michelin-starred restaurants or sip on an Estrella while watching a football match. He also writes about art and culture, sharing his impressions of the latest exhibitions and explaining key festivals such as San Jordi Day.

Read Best of Barcelona

Barcelona Sights

What it is: a great little secret to be kept up your sleeve when heading for Barcelona, written since 2008 by David Brydon

Why we like it: never losing stamina, David is inexhaustible on his suggestions of things to do and see. The blog is especially good for frequent Barcelona visitors looking to explore outside of their usual comfort zone, whether it’s for nuggets of information like where to find the latest Mango outlet, or below the radar places to visit, such as the city’s Greek amphitheatre.

Read Barcelona Sights. David’s also on Twitter: @BCN_Dave

Forever Barcelona

What it is: Marta, a Barcelona tour guide, shares her favourite places to eat and things to see

Why we like it: whether you’re looking for somewhere special to eat on a Sunday evening, want advice on the best place to stay on one of Barcelona most expensive streets, the Passeig de Gracia, the best apps to download before you head off, local autumn traditions to follow, or the best day trips to take from Barcelona, Marta reveals top quality insider knowledge.

Read Forever Barcelona and follow the writers on Twitter.

Barcelona street scraps

What it is: a blog about Barcelona’s street art written by Brian, an expat who has been living in the city for eight years.

Why we like it: street art is a fundamental part of a city’s psyche, and documenting it on a blog provides visitors with another way to get under the skin of Barcelona. Brian’s captions include the location of each piece of street art, which gives the reader another way to explore the city’s lesser-visited neighbourhoods.

Read Barcelona street scraps

Fleas and dogs in Barcelona

What it is: A fun and witty blog written by Indian-born Prithika, who reveals things that don’t make it into the mainstream travel press.

Why we like it: the author’s quirky approach to the city is summarised in its tagline, “If you want the dog, accept the fleas”. Prithika’s passion for the offbeat aspects of Barelona shines through and she writes about anything from the locals’ bizarre bathroom habits to emblematic conversations she has overheard.

Read Fleas and dogs in Barcelona

Things to do in Barcelona

What it is: written by blogger, Harriet Freeman, this is a one-stop shop about partying and foodie treats.

Why we like it: Harriet shares tips on where to stay, what to do, where to go out in the evenings, where to eat and how to stay healthy. Slightly off the beaten track, she tells us all kinds of interesting facts like where good wine comes from in the city, how All Saints’ Day is celebrated, and where to find authentic Catalan tapas in a city that has, like most, adapted to a wider European taste in the most touristy areas of the city centre.

From Barcelona

What it is: Jeremy Holland shares his experience of the city after having spent an extended period of time living in Barcelona.

Why we like it: while this blog won’t give you the entire breakdown of what to see and do in the city, it will give you a taste for the expat life and show you what to look out for culturally and sociologically. One of the guest posts on the blog is by an expat who no longer lives in the city, and shares the things he misses most about the city, which is a neat introduction to Barcelona’s key attractions.

Read From Barcelona and follow Jeremy on Twitter.

Oh Barcelona

What it is: an all-round travel guide about Barcelona’s more conventional must-see sights

Why we like it: although the blog might not have as much soul as the others on our list, it’s got information about every possible thing to visit in the city, from the Sagrada Familia to where to stay and the latest news, like Barcelona’s new tourism tax. A must for any first-time visitor who likes to plan ahead.

Read Oh Barcelona and follow the writers on Twitter.

The Spain Scoop

What it is: a blog focussing on everything from food, where to stay and everything else in between written by American traveller, Nancy, and a team of contributors.

Why we like it: the blog’s focus is on Spain, but it has an elaborate section on Barcelona, where you can know more about where to stay in the city, where to eat, what to see and various events. While the blog’s content is fairly mainstream, it is a great place to come for the Barcelona virgin who is a little cautious about jumping in at the deep end.

Read The Spain Scoop and follow the writers on Twitter.

La Tortuga Viajera

What it is: A fun blog about top foodie experiences written by Erin, a huge travel enthusiast.

Why we like it: Erin shares all her favourite places to eat and drink well in various destinations throughout Spain and the Barcelona section offers a good balance of local below the radar experiences and more touristy things to try that will be in most trusty guidebooks. We like the fact that not only does she give us insight into the places she has visited but she also tells us a little bit about their background and history.

Read La Tortuga Viajera and follow Erin on Twitter.

About our writer

 Rooksana Hossenally (aka @rooksanah) has lived in Barcelona and regularly toys with the idea of returning to the city to live happily ever after. Being a complete travel addict she is hard to track down, but when she isn’t halfway across the world, she can be found in Paris, where she currently lives and works. Deputy editor and writer at, she has collaborated with various other publications including The New York Times, the International Herald Tribune and Dazed Digital.

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