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 By Holly Cave

It was reflections of a very personal nature from Tracy Zhang at Just in Time with her heartfelt descriptions of Chinese Traditions of a Cemetery Visit. Some journeys have a distinct goal, a particular task that needs to be completed rather than a random desire to see a new place. And some journeys take us home. The images of the cemetery are poignant and surprising, and Tracy’s explanation of Chinese traditions make for an incredibly interesting read. Follow Tracy on Twitter.

This next blog was something that had quite an effect upon me. Like Iain and Claire, I too have been to Laos and visited some of the very remote communities there. Whether what I was doing was ethical was a thought that occurred to me repeatedly. Hike to Houy Fai Peak is a fantastic piece of travel journalism, packed with creativity. This is an article to curl up and read like a short story – with an open-ended question about the complicated ethics of tourism. Follow Iain and Claire on Twitter.

At Student Travelog, Dylan Lowe was checking out Warsaw, a city that’s capturing more attention that usual thanks to the lead role it’s playing in UEFA Euro 2012. Football aside, it seems there’s a lot to discover about Warsaw, from cutting edge science museums to brand new malls and the intriguing, if disturbing, remnants of a violent past. Follow Dylan on Twitter.

From one urban adventure to another, Matt Gibson has spent his latest post – Five Urban Adventures in London – summing up his top five ideas for outdoor adrenaline kicks in London. I for one can’t wait to get down to the capital’s parkour park to watch the action. A fantastic reminder that there are always new experiences to be found close to home. Kayaking on the Thames? Who’d have thought? Follow Matt on Twitter.

It was another rather serious and historical post that caught my attention over at The Gypsy Nester. David and Veronica found themselves in Montgomery, Alabama, following the story of Rosa Parks and what happened after she refused to give up her seat on a bus. Following the Freedom March in Alabama will add to anyone’s understanding of the equal rights movement in the States and is great proof that’s there’s nothing like seeing a place and running your hands over the stones to really get it. Stirring stuff. Follow the Gypsy Nesters on Twitter.

A little Twitter gem to close this week’s column: Love dogs? Adore spectacular views? Don’t ask me to explain it, but check out Dogs & Great Views. Does what it says on the tin.

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  1. Wow Holly! Thank you so much for including us – we’re honored! David and Veronica

  2. Thanks a lot for including my Warsaw article! Great pieces everyone!

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