10 Best Sydney Blogs


By Sarah Caddy

With more than 4.6 million people living in Sydney, you’d expect a fair few blogging enthusiasts. Our pick of the city’s 10 best bloggers are the Sydneysiders that regularly provide the greatest insight – whether you’re an expat looking for hidden local nooks, a foodie in search of the best places to eat, or a family in the hunt for a great day out.

1. The All-Seeing Eye

What it is: Julie, now retired, has been blogging since 2007 and combines her twin loves of education and her native city in Sydney Eye.

Why we like it: They say a picture can paint a thousand words and this blogger keeps her text tight and her images and videos clear and well chosen. If you’re looking to find those treasure troves that other visitors might not see, this is the blog for you. Check out Wurrungwuri for a good example of how Julie adds context to the sculpture at the Royal Botanic Gardens. Good for impressing your friends with your knowledge (if they’re not too busy watching the bat-ridden trees).

Read Sydney Eye

2. ChocolateSuze and Noodlies

What it is: a two-for-one foodie heaven.

Why we like it: Technically separate blogs, but you feel instantly part of the family with Susan and Thang. Not only do they love food so much they’re willing to trash their wedding outfits in a cake-off, but when read together, their blogs build the perfect (and entertaining) picture of where to head for the tastiest Sydney nights out (Grain Bar at the Four Seasons had us salivating). And they take the credibility of their blogs seriously – here’s Thang on Weekend Sunrise talking about a blogger’s code of ethics.

Read ChocolateSuze and Noodlies. Follow them on Twitter: @chocolatesuze and @thangngo

3. Walk Sydney’s Streets

What it is: Australia’s ‘Forrest Gump’ walked every street in Sydney’s suburbs – and here’s the blog to prove it.

Why we like it: It may not be the swishest of sites, or have real-time information, but this is one blog that really tugs on the heart strings. Although avid walker Alan Waddell died in 2008 aged 94, the Sydney streets that he loved still maintain their intrigue – why does one of Abbotsford’s streets have two names? You can find out here – and literally follow in Alan’s footsteps.

Read Walk Sydney’s Streets

4. Sydney Street Style

What it is: Luke Rallings, aka Sydney Street Style

Why we like it: Keen to pass as a Sydneysider? This sartorial blog tells you all you need to know about fitting in with the style for the season in which you’re travelling. Posting images of the fashion that catches his eye, Sydney Street Style keeps it simple, yet effective. And he’s on Tumblr too:

Follow Luke on Twitter: @SydStreetStyle

5. Sydney, Kids, Food and Travel

What it is: Scotland-born Seana shares her family-friendly Sydney places.

Why we like it: Seana’s down-to-earth writing has earned her plenty of book deals (including Sydney’s Best Beaches: For Kids). Her blog is full of practical insights for a family day out (including opening times and web links) and includes a handy menu bar for Museums, Beaches, Walks with Kids and Accommodation to help you plan ahead of your trip to the city. Mini Mariners day at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour is a top recommendation.

Read Sydney, Kids, Food and Travel. Follow Seana on Twitter: @Seana_Smith


What it is: A no-holds-barred take on what it means to be a Sydney native

Why we like it: Sydneysider Harry Renwick has character. Whether he’s filling you in on the city’s festivals, bars, or religion, he is always an entertaining (if not wholly reverential) read. Follow him to taste the sharp end of a Sydneysider’s wit. It’ll give you something to talk about over the barbie at least.


7. The New Edge

What it is: An expat’s take on life in Sydney

Why we like it: Have moved from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney in 2010, this anonymous blogger shares her insights and comparisons with a level of description that is helpful to those visiting the city for the first time. This entry on the Kalkari Discovery Centre at Bobbin Head – best known for kangaroo spotting – is a favourite and includes tips on an easy bushwalk and where to take your picnic in the sunshine.

Read The New Edge

8. Things Aussies Like

What it is: A helpful guide to all things Aussie

Why we like it: Offering less traditional insight than your average guidebook, Things Aussies Like is a blog based on the real experience of an American, Amy, who arrived in Sydney almost a decade ago and wanted to fit in. Don’t want to be a ‘blow in’ either? Then check out the guide to Sydney slang and get down with the Bikies.

Read Things Aussies Like

 9. 52Suburbs

What it is: Louise Hawson’s artistic insight into every Sydney suburb

Why we like it: While the artistic vision to photograph every Sydney suburb was eventually turned into a book, we think this blog provides a great first taste of the area you’ve chosen to visit. Use it as a supplementary source to picking your hotel, or for picking a picturesque day out. Go and visit the Darlinghurst Library as our top pick.

Read 52Suburbs. Follow Louise on Twitter @52suburbs

10. Food, Booze and Shoes

What it is: Eager eater Tina reviews the restaurants, events and festivals that shape her Sydney life

Why we like it: You can never have too many restaurant and bar recommendations. Self-confessed boozehound and festival fiend Tina takes you right to the heart of the action with well-developed blog posts and thorough reviews on not only the experience of eating out, but on the gossip behind the Sydney restaurant chains. Reading her mouth-watering rendition of the Sydney International Food Festival gives you a real taste for being there.

Read Food, Booze and Shoes. Follow Tina on Twitter: @foodboozeshoes

About our writer

 Sarah Caddy (aka @caddster) has travelled extensively in Australia and beyond. When in Sydney, she can mostly be found sipping a cocktail (or two) at the retro Victoria Room in Darlinghurst. A keen writer, she provides guest blogs on theatre reviews as well as on African private equity.

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  1. Hello there, glad you liked my blog, and delighted to be in this fine list. It was a glorious day in Sydney today and I was down by the sparkling Harbour, it really is so beautiful. Greetings!

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    Ahem how can you have a ‘best Sydney blog’ list (or any best Aussie blog list for that matter) and not include Grab Your Fork?!

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