10 Best Paris Blogs

By Mike Gerrard

Paris is the city that’s got everything – including a blogger on every boulevard. Many Paris bloggers are expats and – in most cases – they retain an enthusiasm for this very special city, which locals can sometimes get blasé about. With its reputation for great food and fashion, gorgeous architecture, romance and style, Paris provides inspiration on a daily basis.

Here we select the 10 Best Paris Bloggers. These are the writers that know the city best and continue to find new things to say in entertaining ways, whether their subject be fashion, food, shopping or the city itself.

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1. Invisible Paris

What it is: Adam, who keeps himself partly invisible too while loving to uncover the real secrets of the city.

Why we like it: It’s a refreshing back-to-basics blog, with one column, a sidebar, and a focus. The focus is to show the city’s hidden side, which can sometimes be a cliché, but not here. Adam leads guided tours as well as writing his blog, and he has a sharp eye and a curiosity, both of which lead him to come up with surprising stories like the strange case of the poisonous shoes, or accidental art. Other stories like the mysterious man on a tall ladder come from his site visitors setting him a challenge to solve a mystery, while Adam’s enjoyment of walking in the city at night produce some well-written musings.

Read Invisible Paris.

 2. Secrets of Paris

What it is: American Heather Stimmler-Hall has been blogging about Paris since before blogs were invented.

Why we like it: Heather’s blog-cum-newsletter has been packing in information about Paris since it began in 2001, and it’s aimed at English-speaking Parisians as well as visitors. This means that the visitors get the benefit of practical tips and up-to-the-minute news that have to be 100% accurate. Heather’s fun style can be inferred from the title of the book she wrote in 2008, Naughty Paris: A Lady’s Guide to the Sex City.

Read Secrets of Paris. Follow Heather on Twitter.

3. Eye Prefer Paris

What it is: Ex-New Yorker Richard Nahem shows why he lives in the Marais and not Manhattan.

Why we like it: As a tour guide too, Richard has an eye for detail and a healthy number of entertaining guest bloggers writing for him as well. Quirky but fascinating regulars like Door of the Month and Parisian Dessert of the Month make the blog that bit different, as do the fun stories on things Richard spots around the city, like the latest Métro posters.

Read Eye Prefer Paris.

4. Entrée to Black Paris

What it is: Monique Y. Wells covers a fascinating niche subject – black history, culture and contemporary life in Paris.

Why we like it: Specialist passions make for some of the best blogs, and the relationship of Paris with its black population (for better or worse) provides some stimulating reading. Monique doesn’t just cover the well-documented ground of black writers, musicians and other artists in Paris’s past, like Chester Himes and Josephine Baker, but keeps it current by interviewing black chefs, lawyers and other prominent figures.

Read Entrée to Black Paris

 5. Unlock Paris

What it is: Ex-Londoner Kim Laidlaw Adrey still enjoys Paris after nine years of living there and three years blogging about it.

Why we like it: Not the most prolific of bloggers, Kim only blogs when she has something to say but what she does cover she covers thoroughly like this review of a new restaurant. Mostly she provides news of gallery openings, festivals, food and drink news, shopping, and even new hairdressers, but always written with both flair and attention to detail, which is why Kim also writes for the BBC and Condé Nast.

Read Unlock Paris. Follow Kim Laidlaw Adrey on Twitter.

 6. David Lebovitz

What it is: David Lebovitz is the blogger’s blogger, the writer who is named whenever Paris bloggers are asked to choose the best Paris blog.

Why we like it: David was a professional chef in the USA for many years, and a published author long before he started his blog. He therefore knows what he’s writing about, and knows how to write it. His descriptions are as mouth-watering as the photographs he uses, and his blog includes recipes, cookbook reviews, and essays on everything from fig chutney to pickled turnips.

Read David Lebovitz. Follow David on Twitter.

7. Chocolate and Zucchini

What it is: Clotilde Dusoulier is one of the best foodie bloggers, her posts exuding enthusiasm for her favourite subject.

Why we like it: Clotilde’s personality is stamped all over her writing, and she comes across as the kind of person you’d love to show you around the markets and bars of Paris. She’s a Parisian herself, living in Montmartre, and also a keen cook. Despite having been blogging here since 2003, her posts remain as fresh as ever and range from sinful chocolate indulgences to healthy vegetarian and vegan eating. Clotilde reviews books and kitchen gadgets, explains French food-related expressions, interviews experts, and generally sounds like she’s having a ball.

Read Chocolate and Zucchini. Follow Clotilde on Twitter.

8. The Paris Blog

What it is: Laurie Pike brings her magazine-editing skills to produce a multi-author blog that delivers on its promise: Life in Paris, Posted Daily.

Why we like it: It’s a challenge to post something every day, even about Paris, but with an experienced editor and author at the helm (and Laurie has also written for magazines like Vanity Fair, Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire) The Paris Blog does it. The range of voices and topics make sure the blog boredom factor never sets in, with varied topics like the Montmartre grape harvest, the Parish fashion shows, how to cycle from London to Paris and the best baguettes in the city.

Read the Paris Blog.

9. Paris by Mouth

What it is: A kind of food writers’ co-operative blog-cum-website-cum-newsletter, and a great food resource.

Why we like it: No excuses for recommending several food blogs, as Paris of course does them so well. This collaborative effort by a number of food writers, including Clotilde Dusoulier and the highly-respected Patricia Wells, delivers quality writing and despite its short-lived nature has built up a wealth of good in-depth material. Even if you don’t follow the blog, use the website to research your Paris restaurants, wine bars, patisseries and other food and drink stores.

Read Paris by Mouth. Follow Paris by Mouth on Twitter.

10. HiP Paris Blog

What it is: Erica Berman is yet another American in Paris who loves to let visitors in on the HiP side of the City of Light from her own haven… in Montmartre.

Why we like it: Another team effort but founded and edited by Erica Berman, who aims her blog squarely at the visitor to Paris. She’s carved out her niche – everything that’s hip – and sticks to it with good coverage of seasonal events, stylish homes (if you want to buy or rent one), fashion (natch), shopping, arts and design. Its own look reflects its subject, with a very visual emphasis, like this post about the fact that Paris has at last discovered craft brewing.

Read the HiP Paris Blog. Follow HiP on Twitter.

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 Mike Gerrard has written several guidebooks to Paris including, with his wife Donna Dailey, the Top Ten Paris Guide for Dorling Kindersley. They also write and publish the Beyond London Travel website, which includes a section on how to plan a trip to Paris from London.

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