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Maldives weather in May

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Maldives in May weather data

Average temperature: 31ºC
Daily sunshine: 8 hours
Rain-affected days: 13

May is a smart time to visit the Maldives. Although it officially marks the start of the wet season, it’s also one of the least expensive months in which to travel. Temperatures in the Maldives remain constant at around 28ºC to 32ºC year round, but the wet season can bring higher rainfall and wind. Despite this you can still look forward to eight hours of daily sunshine. The rain tends to fall in short heavy bursts. Thunderstorms can also be beautifully dramatic.

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Ramadan dates

Before booking a holiday to the Maldives in May, it’s worth checking the dates of Ramadan. This should not affect your holiday in an island resort, but it may have an impact if you plan to visit the main island of Malé.

Ramadan dates in 2019:   5 May  –  4 June

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Last updated: 29 January 2019

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