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Family villas in Italy

Our verdict:

Kids love Italy. It’s probably something to do with the staple diet of pizza, pasta and gelato, but there’s no denying the country’s huge family-holiday appeal. Whether you’re looking for a Tuscan villa with a pool, a farmhouse in Umbria, a cottage by the sea or even a Venetian palazzo, this collection of properties from Oliver's Travels is simply irresistible.

Recommended tour operator: Oliver’s Travels

Oliver’s Travels says

It’s hard to imagine a warmer welcome for families than the one we experience in Italy. One of the UK’s favourite holiday destinations, Italy screams family-friendly.

  • easy journey
  • lovely settings
  • private pools

We have picked a wide range of villas, farmhouses, cottages and even the odd ‘castello’ or two – many of them with a private pool – in all our favourite regions. Whether you’re a family of 3 or family party of 40 or more, we have something to suit.

The dramatic beauty of the Italian Lakes and the rolling countryside of Tuscany are perhaps the most sought-after amongst families but there are other regions to consider too.

In southern Italy, there’s the raw southern charm and beaches of Campania, characterful Puglia with its distinctive Trulli houses and the fascinating island of Sicily. Also popular is Umbria, oozing rural beauty.

We even have some villas in Venice.

Whichever region and property you choose, our expert team will advise on the best routes, whether you prefer to drive or fly and hire a car. There are also tips on local restaurants and trattoria, markets and interesting sites and sights.

Find out more about our family villas in Italy.

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