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Morocco for kids

Our verdict:

We took our daughter to Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains with another family and we loved it: renting a riad with a cook worked brilliantly for us. Dip a toe outside the ‘comfort zone’ of Europe and Morocco rewards you with amazing scenery, some really exciting and unusual activities, plus beach resorts with great surf!

Recommended tour operator: Fleewinter

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Fleewinter says

Morocco is an ideal holiday destination for families, with a combination of great value activities and the opportunity to share in the excitement of discovering a very different culture without the long-haul flight, jabs or anti-malarials.

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So much awaits and it’s conveniently just a three-hour flight from the UK. There are intoxicating cities such as Marrakech, Fes and Essaouira, plus the Atlas mountains, the Sahara desert and thousands of kilometres of beautiful empty beaches with surfing and horse-riding.

We have created a selection of exciting family holidays to suit all interests. This family favourite is a combination of the Essaouira coast, the Atlas Mountains and of course Marrakech. Not too much travelling and tons to see and do in a week to ten days.

For the more adventurous, take off on our Moroccan Circle, adding a visit to the stunning dunes of the Sahara, the exoticism of Marrakech and finally some relaxation time on the coast.

Finally, if time is limited or you don’t like the idea of moving around, just head to Marrakech for a long weekend to experience life in the ancient Medina. A traditional riad is a great base from which to explore the souks and take a daytrip up to the mountains (complete with mule and Berber village lunch).

Alternatively you can be in ensconced in a Kasbah in the Atlas Mountains less than an hour from the airport for stunning scenery and a taste of rural life.

A popular choice for many families is to spend time at our year-round coastal favourite – Rebali Riads – just outside Essaouira for the perfect combination of relaxation, beach activities and living Moroccan life to the full. You can take a quad-bike tour, do a Moroccan cooking course, shop in Essaouira’s souks, camel trek with a picnic on the beach, or simply enjoy a spa treatment in the traditional Hammam.

Check out our full range of family holidays in Morocco.

* See the review of Fleewinter.

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