Caribbean weather in May

By Ian Packham

With low season prices and good weather, May is a great month to book a holiday in one of the Caribbean’s many destinations. Islands in the north and south of the Caribbean Sea have temperatures that are unlikely to make visitors uncomfortable, while islands even further north such as Bermuda and the Bahamas are warming up.

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The southern islands, including Barbados, St Lucia, Grenada and Tobago see slightly higher temperatures and humidity levels than their northern neighbours. In May, the peak daytime temperature is 31°C in Grenada for example. With daytime temperatures averaging a few degrees less, May is still a suitable time to enjoy the sun without having to endure excessive heat. May does begin to see an increase in humidity levels, but night-time temperatures of 23°C shouldn’t interfere with sleep. Rain is unlikely to alter any plans, with warm tropical showers adding to the experience.

The northern islands, such as Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and Cuba have weather typified by that of the Dominican Republic, which is very similar to southern islands, with each day seeing an average eight hours of sunshine and daytime temperatures hitting a high of 31°C. The biggest difference is that the northern islands receive more rain, which if enjoying the 27°C temperatures of the sea hardly matters.

Bermuda and the Bahamas see some of the coolest temperatures during May due to their northerly locations. The Bahamas lie off the coast of Florida, while Bermuda sits 1800 miles from the US mainland. Temperatures still reach 24°C during the average eight hours of sunshine and 14 hours of daylight. UV levels remain high, and humidity non-existent. With temperatures reaching a low of 19°C at night, a light jumper might be needed for evening strolls along the beach. Sea temperatures reach 21°C.

May is also the time of the St Lucia Jazz festival with concerts across the island in the southern Caribbean, and batabano on the Cayman Islands in the north. A festival dating back to turtle-fishing season, it sees the island’s population take part in costumed street parades and parties.

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