Best time to visit Marrakech

 By Nina Clapperton

Marrakech is among Morocco’s most popular tourist destinations but only its fourth largest city (after Casablanca, Fez and Tangier). It lies to the south of the Atlas Mountains and is a few hours drive from the Sahara Desert.

The city has a desert climate – very dry with low humidity. Although it has four seasons, it is known for being hot and sunny year-round.

Spring (March – May)

On average, spring in Marrakech brings highs of 25°C and lows of 13°C. These warm months receive 8-9 hours of sun per day on average.

Marrakech’s spring averages seven days of rain per month. These few rainy days amount to an average of 25mm of rainfall per month.

Summer (June – August)

Summer in the city is extremely hot and dry. Average highs are around 36-38°C with lows of 20°C. The heat can rise to 40°C.

During this season, Marrakech averages 11 hours of sun per day with just one rainy day per month.

“It is usually too hot for souk tours in the summer,” says Anna Galecka, Morocco Specialist at Fleewinter.

Autumn (September – November)

Autumn is a milder month in Marrakech, with an average high of 25°C and lows of 15°C. The temperatures cool at night when the sun has set.

During these months, the city averages 7-9 hours of sun per day. Autumn brings an average of eight days per month of rain, leaving the city with approximately 9mm of rain per month.

Winter (December – February)

Marrakech maintains high averages of 20-25°C during the days, but dips to 5-10°C at night. The city’s record low during this period is -3°C. Even in winter you can expect an average 7-8 hours of daily sunshine.

Unlike the Atlas Mountains to the north or the Oukaimeden, a popular skiing destination from Marrakech, the city does not receive any snowfall. However, this period sees approximately 7 days of rain per month with an average of 22mm of rain per month.

Key public holidays

Christian New Year – 1 January
Ramadan – Varies (see below)
Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan) – Varies
Islamic New Year (Fatih Muharram) – Varies
Independence Day – 18 November
Moulid an-Nabi (Birth of Muhammad) – Varies
Christian Christmas – 25 December

Ramadan dates in 2018:  15 May  –  14 June

Ramadan dates in 2019:  5 May  –  4 June

Note: Ramadan “can be a good time to visit as the breaking of fast each evening is a great atmosphere, but at the end of Ramadan, everything shuts for a few days,” warns Galecka.