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The Sunday Times Travel writers Mark Hodson and David Wickers.


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Cuba weather in February

By Mark Hodson, Sunday Times Travel Writer

February is peak season in Cuba. You can expect seven or eight hours of average daily sunshine and maximum temperatures of around 27ºC in the capital, Havana, and nearby Varadero, rising to 30-31ºC on the south coast in Santiago de Cuba and Trinidad.

With gentle sea breezes, low humidity and warm sea temperatures (26ºC), it’s a perfect time for both sightseeing and relaxing on the beach. As this is the Caribbean, there is always a slight chance of rain, even in the dry season, though this usually falls in short blasts, and often at night.

February is not the cheapest month to visit, particularly during half-term week. If you plan to visit, I recommend Cuba Direct, a specialist family-run tour operator that can source deals with hotels unavailable to individuals. Its deals include two-centre Havana and Beach holidays along with multi-centre holidays which allow you explore the country’s highlights including Viñales, Cienfuegos and the colonial city of Trinidad.

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