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The Sunday Times Travel writers Mark Hodson and David Wickers.


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Relaxing summer holidays

Q.  Where can we go for a relaxing summer holiday with good weather, culture and access to a beach or pool?

A. David’s reply about relaxing summer holidays.

Egypt with a two-year-old?

Q. My husband and I want to learn to sail as part of a summer holiday. Can we get sailing qualifications? Where should we go, and how long do we need?

A. David and Mark’s reply about Egypt with a two-year-old.

How to avoid mass-market Turkey

Q. We have just returned from a holiday in Turkey unfulfilled and disappointed. We wanted to experience real Turkish life, culture and traditional cuisine in a quiet and unspoilt area of the country but ended up at what can only be described as a hot Blackpool or Southend.  Can you suggest somewhere please?

A. See our reply about how to avoid mass market Turkey.

Rome and Greece in October half term?

Q. We have three children (twins of 11 and an eight-year-old) who are keen to see the ancient sites of Rome and Vesuvius but we want to avoid peak travel (and heat).  I have always wanted to explore the sites of ancient Greece. Would you recommend these destinations for a two-week half-term in October.  In addition to sightseeing we would like to explore, relax and swim (preferably in the sea).

A. See David’s reply about Rome and Greece in October half term.

Learn to sail holidays

Q. I am planning to visit Egypt and Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and a Nile Cruise. Would that be suitable for a 2 year old, and can you suggest some good companies who offer the services?

A. David and Mark’s reply about learn to sail holidays.

Malaria-free safaris

Q. I’d love to take the children on safari but don’t want to dose them up with malaria pills. Are there any malaria-free safari parks?

A. See our recommendation for a malaria-free safari.

What to do in Thailand

Q. I’m off to Thailand with a week in Chiang Mai and a week in Koh Phi Phi. Any advice on what to do, or what to give a miss?

A. David and Mark’s reply about what to do in Thailand

Holidays with a toddler

Q. Where can be find a holiday with a toddler this summer that is not a busy packaged resort?

A. See our advice about toddler friendly holidays.

Cheap winter sun

Q.  Where can I find cheap winter sun without flying half way round the world?

A. See our advice about winter sun holidays.

Hurricane insurance

Q.  I’m planning to travel to the Caribbean in the hurricane season. Will I be covered by my travel insurance?

A. David and Mark’s reply about hurricane insurance

How to avoid Brits

Q.  Have you any suggestions on how to avoid fellow Brits on holiday in Europe?

A. David and Mark’s reply about how to avoid Brits

Transatlantic cruises

Q.  I’ve always wanted to cross the Atlantic by ship. Do any cruise lines offer Transatlantic sailings?

A. David and Mark’s reply about Transatlantic cruises

Direct and non-stop flights

Q. What’s the difference between direct and non-stop flights?

A. David and Mark’s reply about the difference between direct and non-stop flights.

Autumn leaves in the UK

Q. I would love to go to New England to see the Fall colours, but can’t afford it this year. Does anywhere in the UK offer a similar natural show?

A. David and Mark’s reply about Autumn leaves in the UK


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