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The Sunday Times Travel writers Mark Hodson and David Wickers.


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About 101 Holidays

Welcome to 101 Holidays, the UK’s leading travel inspiration site. More than 4 million people a year use us to research their holidays, tapping into the expertise of our team of award-winning travel writers.

Launched in January 2009, we have won numerous industry awards and been recommended by newspapers and magazines including The Observer, The Guardian, The Times, National Geographic, The Independent, The Sunday Times and many others. See a selection of our press coverage and find out how we work.

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Meet the team

mark hodson

Mark Hodson, Group Editor

Mark is a co-founder of 101 Holidays and is responsible for editorial. He has more than 12 years experience as a travel writer for The Sunday Times and has written for many publications including The Times, The Daily Telegraph and The FT. In September 2010, he was voted one of the Top 50 Travel Writers in the UK in a poll of fellow journalists for Press Gazette magazine. In 2014 he won the prestigious Aito Travel Blogger of the Year award. More about Mark Hodson.

David Wickers

David Wickers, Co-founder

David is a co-founder of 101 Holidays and served as Chief Travel Correspondent at The Sunday Times for 17 years. On three occasions he was voted Travel Writer of the Year, and in 2009 he received the Award for Outstanding Contribution at the Travel Press Awards in London. He has written for magazines, authored guide books and children’s books and was co-founder of the long-haul tour operator, Bridge & Wickers. He is currently Travel Editor at Good Housekeeping. More about David Wickers.


Jane Anderson

Jane is Editor of 101 Honeymoons. She was Travel Editor at You & Your Wedding magazine for 10 years and is the author of A Place to Wed, a book about getting married overseas. She has won numerous awards for her writing for national newspapers and magazines including The Sunday Times Travel Magazine and Elle and has hosted journalism seminars at the University of Brighton. She is also Travel Editor at Prima magazine and editor of Family Traveller magazine. Find out more about Jane Anderson or visit her LinkedIn page.

Annabelle Thorpe

Annabelle Thorpe

Annabelle is Editor of 101 Short Breaks. One of the UK’s leading travel writers and editors, she spent six years at The Times, before moving to Express newspapers as Deputy Travel Editor then to The Observer. Annabelle now writes regularly for The Guardian and The Times, among other publications. She is author of two travel books, 52 Great British Weekends and Britain’s Best Seaside Escapes, along with two novels. More about Annabelle Thorpe.


Mark Frary

Mark is Editor of 101 Family Holidays. He is an award-winning contributor to several national newspapers and magazines and was most recently The Sunday Times travel agony uncle. Before that he was ski correspondent and business travel editor at The Times. He has won numerous awards for his work over the years, including four in 2017. He broadcasts a monthly travel slot on BBC Three Counties radio. He is married to Clare and has three young children, and writes the family travel blog Travelling with the Kids. More about Mark Frary.

Cathy Winston

Cathy Winston

Cathy is Editor of 101 Singles Holidays. Cathy has been a travel journalist since 2001, writing for National Geographic Traveller, the Independent, The Sunday Times Travel Magazine, MSN, Metro, Family Traveller Magazine, ABTA. She is Travel Editor at the Jewish Chronicle and has won numerous awards including the Brilliance in Blogging award for travel (2016) and the Caribbean Tourism Award (2014). Her blog is More about Cathy Winston.

Mike Gerrard

Mike Gerrard

Mike is a contributing editor. He has been a full-time travel writer since 1994 and has written for numerous publications including The Times, Daily Telegraph and BBC Travel. The author of more than 30 guide books, he has won many awards including AITO Online Travel Writer of the Year, the Travelex Award for Best Travel Consumer Magazine Feature and a British Guild of Travel Writers Award. He and his wife Donna Dailey divide their time between Cambridgeshire and Tucson, Arizona. Find Mike on LinkedIn.


Mary Novakovich

Mary is Editor at Large for 101 Holidays. An award-winning journalist for more than 30 years, she has been focusing on travel writing since 1999. She writes for numerous publications including The Independent, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, Evening Standard and Sunday Times Travel Magazine, and has reported for the BBC’s From Our Own Correspondent. A member of the British Guild of Travel Writers, she has also written guidebooks for Insight Guides, Berlitz and Frommer’s. Her awards include Abtof French Travel Writer of the Year (2010), Italian Media Awards (2014) and French Travel Media Awards (2017). Visit Mary’s website and LinkedIn page.

Catherine Leech (2)

Catherine Leech, Director

Catherine is director and co-founder of 101 Holidays. In the 1990s she left a successful career in travel PR and destination marketing to become managing director of the luxury Caribbean tour operator, Caribtours. After the tsunami in 2005, she relocated to Sri Lanka and spent two years working, initially as a volunteer, for Sarvodaya, a local development agency. Catherine is also a non-executive director of Visit Jersey and a presenter at More about Catherine Leech.

How we make our choices

Between them, our editors have written for just about every major newspaper and travel magazine in the UK, and visited every country in the world. They know their stuff.

Putting together all that priceless knowledge, each editor has selected 101 of their all-time favourite travel experiences, and suggested how best to book. The travel companies featured are charged an annual fee to appear on the site, but they all appear by invitation only and each has been carefully selected for its proven expertise and excellent customer service. You won’t find any holiday on this site that our founders would not personally recommend. Find out more about how we work and see some of the articles we publish.

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