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Where is hot in November

Antigua is hot in NovemberDubai for hot holidays in November

* Fly for just 4 hours to find sun and 22°C

* Best deals on long haul winter sunshine

By Mark Hodson, Sunday Times Travel Writer and Editor of 101 Holidays

When November rolls in you know that summer is well and truly over. The evenings are dark, rain and wind dominates the weather forecast and even the autumn leaves are just a mulchy mess on the ground. It’s time to get away on holiday!

With many months to go before the arrive of spring, wouldn’t it be great to lie on a tropical beach soaking up some sunshine?

But how far do you need to fly to find hot weather in November? And where are the best travel bargains at this time of year? Here’s our guide to where’s hot in November.

If you’re travelling alone see our guide to the best solo holidays in November. You can also discover the best family holidays in November.

Note: the travel companies featured in this article are personally recommended by our editors.

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Under 6 hours flying timeOver 6 hours flying time

Egypt holidays in November

Flying time: under 6 hours

Let’s be realistic. You won’t find anywhere hot in November on mainland Europe, but if you fly for just 4 – 5 hours from the UK you can reach several destinations where sunshine and warm weather are guaranteed.

The Canary Islands is our top pick. The weather is fine and prices in November are low. Tenerife, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria are all great destinations. Even at the end of November you can expect long days of sunshine and temperatures of 22°C.

You’ll find similar conditions on the island of Madeira which boasts a wonderful selection of luxury hotels and traditional quintas – and direct British Airways flights from London with British Airways. This is not just an island for sunbathing – it’s wonderful for walking in rugged countryside and discovering countryside and traditional villages. You can also opt for a luxury private tour with English-speaking driver guide.

North Africa is easy to reach can be great value. There is plenty of sunshine, but it’s not too hot for sightseeing. Morocco is our favourite choice here – airfares are low and flying time is less than 4 hours from the UK. In the exciting city of Marrakech you can expect highs of 23°C with similar weather in nearby Fes.

Egypt is just 5 hours flying time from the UK with many direct flights. In Cairo you can look forward to 8 hours of sunshine and highs of 25°C in November – ideal conditions for visiting the Pyramids and the treasures of the Egyptian Museum.

Don’t overlook the charms of Jordan where you’ll find the mythical rock-carved city of Petra. Go in the first half of the month as the end of November marks the beginning of the rainy season.

The Gambia on the West coast of Africa is one of the world’s best value winter sun destinations. It’s only 6 hours flying time from the UK with direct charter flights and no jet lag. Average high temperatures are 32°C with up to 10 hours of sunshine per day. And if that doesn’t warm your heart, you will also love the sandy beaches, low prices and friendly people. Check out the latest special offers.

There are lots of short break opportunities in Europe but none offer the guarantee of hot weather. You could head to Istanbul, an exciting and atmospheric city that sits on the crossroads between Europe and Asia. See more city breaks in November.

Flying time: over 6 hours

If you’re prepared to sit through a long-haul flight, you can discover some of the world’s most beautiful destinations in November. For bargain hunters, the Caribbean is first choice. The hurricane season is over but the busy tourist season doesn’t start until Christmas, so hotels are quiet and prices are very low. All in all, November is a great time to visit the Caribbean, and it feels like a secret with so few other tourists around.

If you like quiet Caribbean islands with local flavour try Tobago or Grenada. Of the bigger islands, St Lucia is one of the prettiest, with some very special hotels, while Jamaica has a genuinely friendly vibe with lots to see and do.

Barbados is known for its celebrity visitors and glitzy restaurants, but in November it too is quiet, so you can discover the natural beauty of the island and its friendly people – see the latest special offersAntigua also has some lovely beaches, as does the tiny coral island of Anguilla. Both are home to some outstanding hotels. See more Caribbean holiday ideas and details of the Caribbean weather in November.

You’ll also find good weather in The Bahamas and Bermuda (both of which are in the Atlantic, not the Caribbean). However, I would avoid the very end of November when the temperatures start to drop.

It’s nine hours flying time to Goa in India where you can expect 9 hours of daily sun and 32ºC heat. The beaches are world class – as are the sunsets – plus you’ll find great food, low low prices and friendly places to stay like these good-value beachfront hotels. Check out the latest special offers.

If you want a side serving of dazzling culture along with your tropical beach, try Sri Lanka. The high season is just beginning in November but airfares remain at low-season prices. In the tourist regions of the south west the weather is excellent with high temperatures of 29°C and 6 hours of daily sunshine.

In the Arabian Gulf, few can resist the heady charms of Dubai where the hotels, shopping malls and architecture will leave you open-mouthed. But another interesting bet is neighbouring Abu Dhabi where you can laze in the sun at stunning beach hotels or get a special package to watch the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

The Indian Ocean is hot in November. The beaches of Mauritius are hard to beat with temperatures of 28°C  and 9 hours of sunshine. This is a great destination for couples, with fabulous hotels and spas.

Also in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles and the Maldives offer perfect beaches, warm seas and wonderful hotels such as Constance Moofushi in the Maldives and Coco de Mer in the Seychelles.

How about Africa? You could take a private safari in Botswana or enjoy the spring sunshine in South Africa. (where I recommend this two-week self drive holiday). The unique island of Madagascar offers an exciting mix of tropical beaches, turquoise seas and thrilling wildlife encounters. See more of our recommended holidays in Africa.

The North of India is a great destination in November: in Delhi you can look forward to 10 hours of sunshine and temperatures of 28°C. This is also a good time to visit the “golden triangle” of Jaipur, Delhi and Agra. Find more about private tours of India.

November is an excellent time of year to visit Southeast Asia. Take a small private tour of Burma, explore the amazing sights of Vietnam or relax on the beaches of Bali. In Thailand, November is generally not a good time to visit Ko Samui, but Phuket is dry and sunny with 9 hours of sun and temperatures of 30°C.

You can also explore more ideas on where to go on holiday in November. Getting married? Our sister site, 101 Honeymoons, has expert tips on honeymoons in November.

Last updated: 10 August 2017

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