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Where is hot in April

Where is hot in AprilHot holidays in April

By Mark Hodson, Sunday Times Travel Writer and Editor of 101 Holidays

Q.  Where is hot in April?


A.  It’s the beginning of the tourist season in the Mediterranean and a wonderful time to visit. It’s also a great month for a holiday in the Arabian Gulf, the Middle East or North Africa, before the summer heat becomes oppressive. The Caribbean is one of many excellent long-haul options.

April is a perfect time to get away for some early-season sun. It’s springtime across the Mediterranean where you can expect warm temperatures and a friendly welcome, as the tourist season is just beginning. Further afield, the weather in the Caribbean is perfect with temperatures around 30°C and 8 or 9 hours of daily sunshine.

In 2018, Easter Sunday falls on 1 April, so if you travel around this time, during the school holidays, you can expect to pay a premium. If you’re travelling solo, see our pick of the best singles holidays in April.

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Where is hot in April in the Mediterranean

You can find warm weather in April across the Mediterranean – temperatures in the low-20s and up to 8 hours of daily sunshine. Nights tend to be a little chilly, and the sea will be cool for swimming. For the hottest weather, your best bet is to head to the more southerly Mediterranean destinations such as Crete and Cyprus.

If you want somewhere sunny, warm and packed with historical sites, try Malta. It has a great climate in April along with its sister island, Gozo. See the latest special offers. Or try Turkish-speaking North Cyprus which is great value because it’s outside the Eurozone, and has some lovely places to stay including the port town of Kyrenia. In addition to beach holidays, you could try a walking holiday or cookery and culture tour.

The Aegean coast of Turkey also enjoys glorious sunny weather early in the season. Go before the summer crowds descend and, if you enjoy being on the water, try a gulet cruise. In Spain, you can find fabulous white sand beaches on the Costa de la Luz. Again, you won’t find too many other tourists at this time of year.

The Greek island of Paxos is another relaxing destination for April holidays. It doesn’t even have an airport – most visitors fly into neighbouring Corfu and transfer by ferry.

Other sunny destinations include the superb Italian island of Sardinia – where I recommend Forte Village Resort – and Halkidiki in mainland Greece, where I particularly like Sani Resort.

April is also a great month to take a city break in the Mediterranean. Best choices for guaranteed sunshine include Dubrovnik in Croatia, Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, Seville in Andalucia and Palma, the stylsih capital of Mallorca.

Find more Mediterranean holiday ideas or see our guide to the best city breaks in spring.

Mid haul holidays

If you want somewhere a bit warmer, the Arabian Gulf will be around 33°C with 10 hours of sunshine – a little too warm for vigorous sightseeing but fine if you’re staying in a luxury hotel. Dubai is the best known destination but you should also consider neighbouring Abu Dhabi. Or combine Dubai with the beautiful Sultanate of Oman where you’ll get a taste of old Arabia.

Jordan offers amazing scenery, rich culture and welcoming people. The rock-carved ancient city of Petra is a must-see and can easily be combined with the Dead Sea and the beautiful desert wilderness of Wadi Rum. Expect temperatures of 24°C and 9 hours of sunshine.

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Long haul holidays

The Caribbean is perfect for April holidays: great weather is pretty much guaranteed with consistent temperatures of 30°C and 9 hours of daily sunshine. Easter is popular with families – and prices reflect that – but if you can avoid the school holidays you will find great deals. Popular choices include Barbados and Jamaica. However, if you prefer a low-key Caribbean experience I recommend the small, laid-back islands of Grenada and Tobago. Divers should head for the Cayman Islands.

Check my recommendations for the best Caribbean holidays and find details on Caribbean weather in April.

It’s also a great time to be in Bermuda where summer is starting, but the rainy season has yet to strike. Stay at Cambridge Beaches or – if you’re on a tighter budget – Grotto Bay Resort.

The islands of the Indian Ocean are hot in April: take your pick between the MaldivesMauritius and the Seychelles. The Maldives are ideal in April with temperatures of 31°C and 8 hours of daily sunshine. Mauritius usually gets a little rain but temperatures still hold around 28°C.

In Asia, April is a good month to visit Vietnam, where the beach resort of Nha Trang enjoys temperatures of 35°C. In Thailand, both Koh Samui (32°C; 8 hours of sunshine) and Phuket (33°C; 8 hours of sunshine) are great. This is also a good time to enjoy the beaches and wildlife-packed forests of Borneo.

Sri Lanka is hot in April – a great to explore this amazing, friendly country and kick back on its stunning beaches. The capital Colombo has temperatures of 32°C and 8 hours of sunshine, with a chance of showers.

Spring is a wonderful time to be in America, particularly in the South and Mid West, which both get oppressively hot in summer. You could start in Las Vegas (25°C; 12 hours of sunshine) then take a trip out to the Grand Canyon and perhaps a stay on a ranch. If you want to explore the national parks, take an escorted tour or an exciting fly-drive trip.

You could discover the vast beauty of Texas. In Florida – the “Sunshine State” – you could stay at a boutique hotel in Miami (27°C; 10 hours of sunshine), relax on the beaches of Fort Lauderdale, drive down to the Florida Keys, or rent a private home with pool in Orlando.

You’ll find great weather in California where you could drive the Pacific Coast Highway or motor from California to Las Vegas.

See more holidays in April and visit our sister site for tips on honeymoons in April.

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Last updated: 6 July 2017

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