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Texas art tour

Mike & Donna's verdict:

Texas harbours some amazing art treasures: Renaissance masterpieces, Spanish masters, Impressionists and modern art housed in striking contemporary buildings. This art tour mixes Western landscapes and Southern hospitality, and includes a remarkable sculpture museum in the desert.

Recommended tour operator: Martin Randall Travel

Martin Randall Travel says

Welcome to our Art in Texas Tour. A cultural tour in Texas, you ask?

Prepare to be amazed – the legacy of philanthropic Texan livestock and oil barons lives on in the world-class private and public collections of art and sculpture – all housed in exceptional buildings.

Our expert guide and guest lecturer is leading art historian, Gijs van Hensbergen, an expert on American collections and collectors. He will introduce and immerse you in the Kimbell in Fort Worth, Menil in Houston, Blanton in Austin, McNay in San Antonio, Fine Arts in Dallas and Houston, and Donald Judd’s Chinati Foundation.

Collections range from Renaissance to contemporary, European and American, with an emphasis on the modern.

You’ll experience the entire gamut of Texas’ mighty landscapes and thriving cities. There’s leafy and lush Houston and tiny Marfa, way out west in the desert. Alongside the Rio Grande you’ll find prettified San Antonio and end up in Dallas, the home of hospitality and a terrific arts scene.

Martin Randall Travel is leading specialist in cultural holidays, organising a unique series of all-inclusive music festivals and around 300 tours for small groups every year in the UK and Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, India, China, Japan, the Americas and Australia.

Find out more about our 11-night Art in Texas tour and our other cultural tours in the USA, from Frank Lloyd Wright and the Chicago School to cliff dwelling in the American Southwest.

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