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We love to hear about the good work being done by our members, and there are few better examples than that of  The Adventure Company. Over the past 6 years, it has raised more than £100,000 to help local community projects across the world.

These include the building of new wells in Borneo, reforestation in Peru, a Kenyan programme to stop wildlife being snared for meat, and helping a homeless children’s charity in India to buy medical supplies.

39% of the funds were raised through £1 passenger donations which are matched by The Adventure Company Foundation (which was set up in 2006). The remaining 61% was raised through designated contributions made by The Adventure Company across 137 of its tours.

Most recently, almost £4,000 has helped the Bwindi Watoto School for orphaned children in Uganda to build four new classrooms with furniture and window shutters.

Claire Wilson, Managing Director, says: “We created The Adventure Company Foundation as a way of maximising the positive effects tourism can bring to the destinations we visit. By encouraging our travellers to become involved in grass root initiatives we hope to make a genuine difference and bring long-term benefits to communities.”

The Esther Benjamin’s Trust is the next project to benefit from donations. The trust works to rescue Nepalese children who have been trafficked or displaced into India and provide them with education and skills that enable them to become independent and reintegrated into society.

The Adventure Company Foundation hopes to raise more than £24,000 in 2012 towards local community and wildlife projects. An additional target of £19,000 has also been set to help offset customers’ carbon emissions associated with in-country travel. These funds will go towards the work currently carried out by Blue Ventures Carbon Offset, distributing solar and energy efficient stoves to communities in Madagascar.

Find out more about The Adventure Company Foundation.

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