Hannah, 10, drinks a disgusting food cocktail for Comic Relief

By Mark Hodson

Millions of people in the UK have been raising money for Red Nose Day but few have faced a more stomach-churning challenge than 10-year-old Hannah Leaver.

Brave Hannah asked 25 friends to each nominate one item of food that she would eat. Then she put them all in a blender, whizzed it up and drank it.

As well as some favourite foods including ice cream and peanut butter, the weird cocktail also contained gherkins, flour, mayonnaise, tuna and bacon.

Hannah, from London, raised more than £65 including a donation from 101 Holidays (I also tasted the drink and can confirm it was truly disgusting).

To show your support, please leave a comment for Hannah, or make your own donation at Red Nose Day.

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2 Responses to “Hannah, 10, drinks a disgusting food cocktail for Comic Relief”

  1. Catherine says:

    I am torn between commiserations & congratulations. BRILLIANT effort – well done.

  2. Tim Phillips says:

    What a great effort! I doubt many of us would have the courage to drink that! Blurgh…..

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