Getting under Gozo’s skin

Xwejni salt pans

  By Catherine Leech, 101 Holidays

I’ve been to Gozo 20 or more times since 1980 – it’s one of my favourite places on earth and I thought I knew it pretty well. However, a recent walking and cycling holiday around this minuscule Maltese island in the Med has left me feeling I have tru... Read more

Is Seville the sexiest city in Europe?


By Mark Hodson, Editor of 101 Holidays

Is there a more beautiful and seductive city in all Europe than Seville? The capital and cultural heart of Andalucia is not just the perfect antidote to the northern winter, it’s a teasing hint at how different our lives might have looked had we been born in Spain&... Read more

One night of luxury: Review of Lucknam Park

Turbot - wow

By Catherine Leech, Director, 101 Holidays When I invited my almost 80-year-old mother to join me for a night at the five-star Lucknam Park Hotel & Spa, she replied: “£80 per person for dinner – it can never be worth it, even if it has got a Michelin star.” Raised during World War II, my mum is ... Read more

The best part of Mallorca. Just don’t call it posh

Camarasa view of Mallorca

By Mark Hodson, Editor of 101 Holidays

In 1929 the artist Joan Miró took his new wife on honeymoon to Mallorca. They headed not to the elegant capital Palma, but to an isolated and little-known fishing village on the north coast of the island, Port de Pollença. In the early part of the 20th Century, the [&... Read more

Valencia: how well do you know Spain’s third city?


By Mark Hodson Many people have visited Spain’s two-big-hitting cities Madrid and Barcelona, but what of its third? Some might struggle even to name it, and fewer still will have actually explored Valencia. I recently spent a fortnight with my family staying in a village called Massalfassar about eight ... Read more

Great Ape! My treetop adventure


By Helena Hodson, age 10 Last weekend I visited Go Ape in Crawley with my mum and dad, and my friend Alex. We had a great day out. Luckily the weather was hot and sunny so we could make the most of our day. Go Ape is a thrilling treetop adventure. You make your way […]... Read more

London short break with teenagers

By William Gray, Editor of 101 Family Holidays Have you noticed how hotel rooms shrink once you have children? Squeeze a travel cot or a child’s bed into your average double room and the floor space is reduced to roughly the area of a bath mat. Getting from one side of the room to the […]... Read more

Is Chamonix the best ski resort in the world?

skiing off piste

By Mark Hodson Among the most popular tourist attractions in France is the Aiguille du Midi cable car in the Alpine resort of Chamonix. Last year it clocked up 450,000 visitors. Interestingly, only a brave few of those visitors planned to ski off the top, which sits at a head-spinning 3,777m. Most take the 20... Read more

Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore Dubai

Video thumbnail for youtube video -

By Mark Hodson, Editor of 101 Holidays Dubai – more than any other travel destination – divides opinion. Most people I know either love it or hate it, and that’s just the people who’ve never been. For many holidaymakers Dubai now represents the height of aspirational travel – glamoro... Read more

Jamaica – the ultimate in luxury hotel service?

Round Hill

By Catherine Leech, Director, 101 Holidays In the mid-’90s, the new MD of one of the UK’s luxury tour operators gave a stark and well-publicised warning that service levels in the Caribbean simply didn’t match up to those of the Far East and Indian Ocean – both of which were making (an... Read more

New York – as good as the first time

Helena ride

By Mark Hodson, Editor of 101 Holidays

New York is one of my favourite cities. I’ve been five or six times and once spent a short stint working there. I love the energy, the attitude, the constant change. But I’ll admit something: nothing will ever match the visceral thrill of experiencing the pla... Read more

From wilderness …



  … to urban jungle By Mark Hodson, Editor of 101 Holidays One of the things I love most about travel is contrast. That might be moving from a simple beach hut to a luxury hotel and back again, or stepping out of a gourmet restaurant to eat dessert at a noisy street stall. The […]... Read more

10 things I love about Montreal

Olympic tower

By Mark Hodson, Editor of 101 Holidays The French have an expression, “Bien dans sa peau,” which roughly translates as “comfortable in its own skin”. It could be used to describe Montreal, a city that effortlessly combines European flair with American openness. It’s been almost 12 days since we ... Read more

House exchange in Canada: bigger and better

jet boating

[caption id="attachment_17853" align="alignnone" width="600"] Good deal: we traded a terraced house in London for a large home with pool near Montreal[/caption]

By Mark Hodson, Editor of 101 Holidays When I was working full time for The Sunday Times, I wrote several articles about house swapping, but never tried it myself. Then five years ago I took the plunge. A summer holiday in Montpelier followed in the autumn by a few days in Paris and our family […]... Read more

A return to Egypt: not if but when


By Mark Hodson, Editor of 101 Holidays Exactly one month ago today I was floating down the Nile on a small cruise boat, exploring 4,000-year-old temples and watching timeless riverbank scenes slip slowly past under a scorching desert sun. Egypt is now a different place, torn apart by an alarming new wave of v... Read more

Things come together in Ghent

Ghent quay

BySimonWillmoreOurboatbobsleisurelythoughtheoldGrasleiharbourandInoticethedifferentshapesthatcomprisetheGhentcityscape.ThesoaringcylindricalturretsoftheGravensteen(‘CastleoftheCounts’),andthegleamingconicalroofsofStNicholas’Church,lookoutprotectivelyoverthe... Read more

My visit to Warwick Castle

Helena behead

ByHelenaHodson,age9IwentwithmymumanddadtospendadayatWarwickCastleanditwasamazing.Thecastleishugeanddatesbackto1345andtherearelotsofthingstoseeanddo.Herearemytopfive:1.     TheArcher:Hewasdressedinmediaeval[…]... Read more

Trouble in Turkey? Nah, it’s plain sailing


By Mark Hodson, Editor of 101 Holidays I recently returned from a magical week sailing the turquoise seas of south-west Turkey, leaving behind the cosmopolitan port of Bodrum to discover hidden coves and pretty harbours. As I write this – almost a month later – barricades are being set up on the s... Read more

The Cary Arms, Devon

The view from our Commodore Room, The Cary Arms

By Catherine Leech, Director, 101 Holidays No – this isn’t a photo of the Cote d’Azur or some other resort in the Med. It was the early morning view taken through the window of our bedroom (Commodore) at The Cary Arms on south Devon’s Babbacombe Bay earlier this month. So many small ho... Read more

My Trip To Legoland


By Helena Hodson, age 9 Legoland Windsor is bigger and better than ever because of two new attractions – Splash Safari and Drench Towers in Duplo Valley. Last Sunday I went with my best friend Talia and our dads. Even though we arrived at 9.45am and stayed until it closed at 6pm, there was more […]... Read more

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