Best travel blog posts of December 2013

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Ben GreenBy Ben Green

You may have seen the news earlier this month that Prince Harry made it to the South Pole. A mighty achievement, but what you probably wouldn’t have read about was how being a Royal can help put you at the front of the queue. The well-travelled Lee Abbamonte happened to be on the same flight to Antartica as Prince Harry. I found his post How Prince Harry Prevented Me From Reaching the South Pole both a fascinating insight into how you get to Antartica, what happens once you get there and who comes where in the pecking order for attempts to reach the Pole. Follow Lee @LeeAbbamonte.

Iceland is high on my list of countries to visit and I was very interested to read The Lazy Traveler’s post Driving the ring road: The great Icelandic roadtrip as it takes in an experience of the country after Reykjavik, which is something many visitors to the country don’t seem to do. There are lots of photographs including a gorgeous Viking foal, and also lovely nuggets of detail including this: “We ran almost the entire way from the car to the waterfall, and then, like little hobbits, ran into the cave BEHIND Seljalandsfoss and looked out into Iceland. And it was magical.” Follow the Lazy Travelers @lazytravelers.

Istanbul is a city that has always intrigued me. Tiffany Wüest has recently posted several pieces from the city on her blog World Meets Girl, but it was her perfect postcard picture of the Hagia Sophia in the post Inside the Mosques of Istanbul that initially grabbed my attention. However, with Tiffany’s great commentary, “Intricate mosaics turn the walls into artworks, blue and gold patterns sneak along the ceiling and domes and marble glitters in the dim light of the big chandeliers”, useful insights and atmospheric photographs I’m now very keen on visiting these sites when I make it to Istanbul. Follow Tiffany @tiffanywuest.

Finally if you, like me, have never visited a Christmas Market then you may well be tempted after reading the post The Magic of Brussels at Christmas, Part 2 from Travel With Kat. Although it is worth reading the Part 1 post, it was the photographs in the second part that drew me in (especially one of two ice skaters performing what look like insanely dangerous tricks). Follow Kat @TravelWithKat.

* Photos by Lee Abbamonte and Tiffany Wuest

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Ben Green is a frustrated traveller, who has been to some beautiful places but only seen 20% of the world so far. Based in the Cotswolds with his wife and children, Ben recently started blogging at Hand Baggage Only and is also a freelance photographer, marketing and communications consultant. Through work and pleasure Ben has reviewed more than 110 hotels on TripAdvisor since September 2009. You can follow Ben on Twitter @handbaggageonly.

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4 responses to “Best travel blog posts of December 2013”

  1. Thans for including my post Ben. I enjoyed reading the others you have mentioned too.

  2. Ben Green says:

    My pleasure Kat and I look forward to seeing where 2014 takes you.

  3. thanks so much for the mention! also enjoyed the others, most of which we had missed! hope you make it to iceland in 2014 :)

  4. Ben says:

    No problem. Even if I do make it to Iceland I fear it’ll not be long enough to take in as much of the country as you, but let’s see. :-)

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