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Cultural walking tours

Mark and David's verdict:

One of the best ways to experience a destination is on foot. A guided cultural walking tour gets you up close and personal – whether you’re exploring the backstreets of Venice, the monasteries of Armenia or the mountain trails of Bhutan. The trick is finding a tour operator that combines imaginative itineraries with expert guides and organises small groups of like-minded travellers.

Recommended tour operator: Kudu Travel


Kudu Travel says

Why was Gregory the Illuminator imprisoned in the shadow of Mt Ararat? Why are there walnut trees everywhere, and what does a Persian bee-eater look like? Walk through history on Kudu’s Armenia trip and our erudite and charming tour leader – a lecturer at Yerevan University – will reveal the answers, imparting enthusiasm and insight in equal proportions.

  • Exciting itineraries
  • Expert guides
  • Sociable

In India’s Western Ghats, where we go in search of leopard, tiger and elephant, our guide is one of the country’s foremost naturalists and is assisted by trackers from indigenous tribes. In true Kudu style, he is also an expert on St Thomas’s missions in Kerala, and personal friends with the owners of spice plantations where we stay.

In the Jebel Akhdar mountains of Oman, you couldn’t be in more competent and informative company than that of a former member of His Majesty the Sultan’s Special Forces; and in Panama and Costa Rica it’s a clear advantage to be searching the cloud forest for Resplendent Quetzels with an ecologist brought up in the Neotropics.

Who can locate and describe the endemic wildflowers of Portugal’s Cape St Vincent National Park better than the author of the definitive book on the subject? And in Italy, our guides (with academic backgrounds in Art History, Mediterranean Archaeology and European History) are especially knowledgeable about wildflowers, wine and opera and expert at arranging memorable meals in Slow Food restaurants.

New for 2017, we have introduced two new cultural walking tours in the USA – the Santa Fe Opera and Georgia O’Keeffe in New Mexico and Cape Cod on the east coast – plus gorilla trekking in Rwanda and the Dolomites for wild flowers.

Special guides make for special journeys. We invite you to try one of our innovative, unusual itineraries.

Click here for more about cultural walking tours with Kudu Travel, and our latest tour calendar.

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